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Three Reasons You Should Not DIY Your Blinds

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People love to DIY stuff. They sometimes undertake small tasks, the low-risk DIY projects that give them big reasons to be happy or great memories of really fun attempts. Sometimes they like the bigger projects too, but that’s usually because they have the skills to handle them. If they don’t have the skills, they generally call a professional.

Then there are the DIYers that take on the high-profile stuff – projects that they have no idea how do well. The chances of professional-level success are small for those who dream big, and failure can be costly and painful, resulting in the eventual call for a professional anyway.

Regardless of where you rank among the DIYers of the world, here are the three reasons you do NOT want to DIY your blinds.

Quality and Professional Lines

Lines matter. Why do we say that? Well, you know a bad lawn mowing job when you see it. You can even find a single hair out of place. Like freshly-mown lawn and a great hairstyle, blinds are all about lines. If one slat is off, the whole project is affected by it.

Quality work means accurate measurement, and will not result in a wall full of holes. Quality installation won’t result in loose brackets. Improper installation results in slats of different lengths and uneven distances between them. When you visit a friend’s home, you may not notice their window treatments, but you will if they are installed improperly – and for all the wrong reasons.

Technology Done Right

A cordless option on your window treatments offers safety – and cordless incorporates with smart home technology to offer you both security and convenience. When you’re ready to go cordless with smart home technology, having a professional do the installation is your best bet. Anything that involves electrical work and cutting or drilling into walls is best left to someone who is in the know. Even if you did put your motorized blinds in yourself and got them working, only a certified smart home professional would be able to guarantee you can open and close them from your tablet or home control panel. Don’t you want that peace of mind?

Save Yourself the Trouble

Do you want to DIY your blinds and spend hours with your arms over your head, measuring, marking, missing, drilling again, holding up blinds with one arm while balancing with the other? Wouldn’t you rather sip iced tea and watch us get the job done right – and quickly? That’s why we’re here!

If you’re looking to upgrade your blinds (or any other window treatment for that matter), contact us. We’re smart home certified and we’ll make sure you get the clean lines you want. As rewarding as DIY projects are, sometimes getting the right person for the job is the best decision. If you want your blinds installed without a headache, let us know. It’s what we do.
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