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3D Closet Design to Maximize Your Space

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A friend recently posted a picture to her Instagram feed: a corner of her bedroom with a two-by-two storage cube, topped with a TV playing a video of a fireplace. She captioned it: “Stark looking view of my room. Can’t figure out that corner.”

We feel you. When making a house your home, few things are more annoying than wasted space, and closets are definitely some of the worst offenders in your home for mismanaged space.

Closets in an Ideal World

We believe that you should be able to adjust any and every shelf in the system. You shouldn’t have to angle something to fit it where it belongs. It shouldn’t be so difficult to close the door, and opening the door shouldn’t require so much mental preparation. The unused space above the shelving shouldn’t be so big. You should be able to see everything instead of having to rummage through the rubble to find what you need.

And let’s not get started on gaping, unusable corners. Your home’s storage areas should make life simpler and more organized, but your closets may just not be up to the task.

3D Imaging for Closet Design

With 3D closet imaging available at Home Decor Solutions, you decide how every part of your closet will function. 3D imaging will give us a realistic preview of your space. If you need deeper shelves, you can see if something beyond the standard 12” depth will fit. When drawers and hanging rods are needed, we can help you determine the size, length, and quantity that are ideal for your space.  

You can apply a sample of paint on your wall so you know what it will look like before committing to gallons. Home Decor Solutions’ 3D closet design lets you preview the look and finish of your closet system. How much overhead space do you need? Do some closet sections need their own doors? Do you want a wire, wood, or laminate system? Our team will let you make the most informed decisions possible when designing your closet.
We would love to help you design the perfect closet, and you don’t have to trust us simply based on our expertise and satisfied customers. With 3D design software, you’ll be able to see and love your closet before we begin. It’s time to get started! Call us today.

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