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The 4 Best Window Treatments for Cats


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When your furry pet is more like family than a friend, you want to keep them safe. You also want your home to stay in good shape, which can be a challenge if your cats are clawing and chewing the blinds and shades. Which window treatment option is best for both your home and your feline friend? Here are four great cat-friendly options for your home in the greater Wilmington area.

Cordless Blinds

For your kitty that loves sitting in the window, cordless blinds are a great option. Cordless (or even motorized) blinds are ideal, since cords present a strangling danger. Motorized blinds are great because you have a variety of control options. Set them with a timer and customize sensors that detect temperature changes. You can keep the blinds out of kitty’s reach while she’s feeling frisky and save on your energy bills.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great option for cat owners. Since cats often sunbathe in windows, they’re often on and off of windowsills. Vertical blinds are easy for cats to walk through, and if a panel gets damaged, it can be replaced individually.

Wood Window Treatments

Cat lovers find good success with faux wood blinds, since the sturdy, slippery surface is less alluring for cat’s claws. While fabric drapes can be a magnet for hair, wood blinds will not leave you feeling furry! Think of the hours of vacuuming you could save by switching. As a bonus, if a slat should become damaged, they can be easily replaced.

Plantation Shutters

Made from either natural wood or durable composite, plantation shutters can withstand mischievous cat paws, and, like doors, can easily be opened by those furry feet without damage. They have optional features like a hidden tilt rod or motorization – which allow you to customize them to the needs of your home. Plantation shutters come in a variety of blade sizes that open and close to control natural light, and your cat can see easily through them!

If you are ready to make a change in your Wilmington home to your windows – a change that your cat will love, call us today! We can help you find the option that fits your home best!


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