5 Storage Ideas for Small Closets Wilmington, NC
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5 Storage Ideas for Small Closets

Small closets can be tricky. The layout may be awkward, there’s no storage space, and even though they’re small, they often have a lot of wasted space. But don’t be discouraged! There are loads of ways to make the most of your space. Here are five storage ideas for your small closet.

Install Hooks

Even if your closet is small, it probably has at least a little wall space. Blank walls are often overlooked to be excellent storage solutions. Well-placed hooks can really help you maximize your small closet and add additional space for all your accessories.

Hooks are great for handbags, scarves, ties, and of course, jackets and coats. Another great hook solution is to invest in some large, sturdy hooks and put them high up on the walls. These are great ways to hang your suitcases, duffle bags, and larger items that take up a lot of space and aren’t used very often.

Utilize Your Door

Another often-overlooked storage space is the back of your closet door. While a full-length mirror is useful on the door, that blank canvas can be used much more effectively. With more and more companies developing products for over-the-door solutions, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Whether you’re looking for shoe storage, accessories organization, or to add additional shelves to your space, the back of your closet door is ideal for a myriad of storage solutions.100_1960a

Add Adjustable Shelves

Oftentimes, small closets only offer a horizontal rod across as the only means for ‘storage.’ But if you have the ability to add adjustable shelves to your closet space, you’ll be grateful. Adjustable shelves provide you with some flexibility in your closet but also much needed storage space.

Shelves in the closet are a happy thought indeed. They allow you to store much more than just hanging clothes and provide space for delicates, accessories, and even linens.

Use Tiered Hangers

Tiered hangers are an invention that we look at and think, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ They can help you double or even triple your closet space. The hanging ability of your tiny little rod will expand exponentially if you invest in tiered hangers.

These slick hangers allow you to hang multiple clothing articles on a single hanger slimly and efficiently. The ability to hang three pairs of pants on a single hook is the perfect solution for any small closet.

Organize Your Shoes

Shoe racks are the single install in a closet that can change how a closet feels. While that may be a bold statement, think about shoes. Unless they are arranged in an organized manner, they are strewn about at the bottom of the closet, making for a very messy looking space.

Whether you install shelves, a shoe rack, or an over-the-door storage solution, finding a way to organize your shoes will immediately make your closet feel bigger than it actually is.

Having a small closet doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. By utilizing the space to the best of your (and its) ability, you’ll soon feel like you have space to spare.

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