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7 Home Decor Trends We Love for 2017

2017 home decor trends

The new year is just around the corner, and with it come all the predictions of decor trends for 2017.  As we looked at home decor trends for 2017, we compiled our favorites – and what we think will look great in every Wilmington home. Remember, every designer and magazine has trends they love, so what’s important is finding a look YOU love for your home.

Farmhouse Style

Thanks in no small part to Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, farmhouse style is all the rage. How do you go farmouse? There are many ways to go about it: distressed finishes, charming collections, pallet wood, shiplap, and lots and lots of white. Farmhouse style is cozy and comfortable, and hearkens back to a simpler time. It makes your house feel like a home!

Going Green (Literally!)

Bright green has caught the eye of big-time designers as an interior fabric color (and it’s gorgeous!).  But we also love the idea of using green in your home in the form of live plants. We’re not alone in that either – indoor vines is one of the top 100 emerging trends on Pinterest. There are lots of ways to incorporate a little organic green in your home. Try Norfolk Island Pine, Grape Ivy, Fiddleleaf Fig, or Boston Fern for easy-to-grow favorites.


Cork is trending… and with good reason. Besides being stylish, this natural wall covering is warm, practical, and even makes your home quieter. Combine it with stone for a contrasting look, use it in accents here and there; or cover an entire wall with cork.

Vintage Modern

Vintage furniture and accessories for your home have been popular for a long while, but if overdone, can be a little kitschy. Try taking a touch of vintage and combining it with the clean lines of modern design and you’ll get the best of both worlds. It’s all the rage in 2017! And remember our wonderful window coverings that work great with vintage decor.

Navy Blue Interiors

Dark, moody blue can be done just right to make your home inviting, classic, and chic all in one stroke of a paintbrush. We’re seeing navy blue kitchen cabinetry, living room walls, and bedroom headboards. Where will you choose to use blue?

Wood Tile

Combine the easy-to-clean practicality of ceramic tile and the warmth and charm of hardwood and you’ll understand why wood tile is all the rage right now. Wood tile is another way that the organics trend is taking over people’s homes — and who can blame them? The look is timeless and super-durable. We’re sold on wood tile flooring.


Depending on who you ask, copper is either coming on strong or going out of style – but if you’ve never used a touch or two of genuine copper in your decor, give it a chance! You’ll love the luster and patina of this natural finish in your home.

If you want to try something new for 2017 in your home, remember that we can help you find the right look for your windows. Some of our many options include drapes, cellular shades, motorized blinds, and roller shades.  If you know exactly what you want, we can make it happen – and if you need help figuring out what would look best with your new look, we can help with that too. Stop in and let us help with your new look for 2017!

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