7 Ways to Organize Your Closets Wilmington NC
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7 Ways to Organize Your Closets

You’ve been closing the closet door for far too long and it’s now time to open the shutters, let in the light, and let out the moths! Organizing your closet may feel overwhelming, but here are seven simple ways to organize your closet.000_0401a

1. Declutter

We can’t talk about closets without talking about decluttering your goods. We know you’re holding onto your senior prom dress, or the many bridesmaids’ dresses, or maybe even those ‘skinny’ jeans you haven’t fit into since college graduation. Now is the time to take a good look at it and then get rid of it!

Decluttering will immediately make you feel like you have a new closet. Be picky with what stays in your closet and give the rest to the thrift shop.

2. Group Like Items Together

Whether you’re in the camp that sorts by color, or prefer to sort by item is your choice – just make a decision and stick with it. This is the simplest way to walk into your closet and not feel like your whole life is all over the place.

Sorting by color makes picking outfits easy and painless. While grouping by item (short sleeve shirts, work blouses, casual skirts, etc) can help your weekday mornings and weekend evenings have the perfect ensemble.

3. Use Curtains

If you’re in a confined space, or have the unfortunate opportunity to have ugly sliding doors covering an entire wall of your room, consider using curtains as a door replacement. Curtains not only allow you to add personality to your room, but also provide a casual and stylish addition to your closet.

Rather than having a wall of mirrors on your slider door, curtains are a light and airy way to keep your clutter (or what’s left of it) hidden but not locked away behind a door that’s fallen off its rail.

4. Walls are Great for Hooks

People often overlook one of the best uses of space available in a closet – the wall space. The closet may be packed to the brim while the wall next to the rod is shamefully naked.

Walls are great spaces for hooks. Whether used to hold scarves, belts, ties, jackets or handbags, hooks not only help dress up the wall, but also provide much needed storage space.

5. Under-Bed Storage is Ideal

While under-the-bed storage isn’t technically in the closet, this space should be thought of as an extension of your closet. Use this space to store seasonal clothes like swimsuits during the winter and wool sweaters during the summer. There’s no reason those items should be clogging up your closet or dresser drawers when they’re not being used.

Investing in quality containers that easily slip under the bed will help you organize your clothes and closet much better.

6. Make It Pretty

Closets tend to be an area that is closed off and forgotten about. While you may want to hide those Hammer pants from the early 90s (that is, if they’ve made it through the ‘declutter’ phase mentioned above), don’t make your closet something you’re ashamed of. Rather make it pretty and something you want to keep organized.

An easy way to do this is to invest in quality hangers that actually match. You’ve eliminated hand-me-downs in every other aspect of your apartment; it’s time to think about your hanger situation. Whether you choose sturdy wooden or sleek metal with velvet lining is your choice, but treat your clothes well and put them on a hanger that’s worthy of showing off.

7. Have Fun With Your Closet

Appreciate your closet for an extension of your room and your house. Sure, you may be the only one who sees it, but walking into an organized closet that has a few elements of design to it can do wonders to your attitude on a bleak Monday morning.

If you’re still at a loss as to how you should organize your closet, or have dreams of what you’d like it to be, but can’t seem to do it, call in a professional. A custom closet will help you utilize your space for your clothes as well extend your home and room’s design into your closet.

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