How to Add Bold to Your Decor - Wilmington, NC
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How to Add Bold Colors Without Overpowering Your Decor

Going bold is like using a strong condiment to season a dish – too little, and it will seem like something is lacking; too much, and it will be unbearable. When emboldening the look of a room, balance is the key.

how to add bold to your decor - Wilmington, NC

The 60-30-10 Rule

The objective of decor is to make a space unique. Rules often make these spaces “unique like everything else” instead of truly unique, but this rule is more of a guide than anything else. The 60-30-10 rule is this:

• 60% one color family
• 30% a different color family
• 10% bold

By unspoken rule, rules have to be written using percentages. The 10% is the most important percentage, and what is used to achieve that 10% can differ depending on the size, shape, and presence of the object.

Accent Walls

As the most common use of visual emphasis, accent walls might be the easiest to swing and miss on. A color that lacks the appropriate boldness or that is shockingly out of place turns away the onlooker, so the colors should coordinate well with the rest of the decor, especially the other walls in the room. A paint pattern, such as stripes or squares, or a wall covered seamlessly in newsprint or magazine pictures can catch the eye appropriately. An art piece that is bold in size or color or that has an ornate frame can be all the wall really needs. The size of the wall should balance with the strength of the color of decorative piece, making sure that 10% doesn’t stretch itself to the 15-20% range. Accents in spoken language are small twists on otherwise general pronunciation. An accent wall should provide that same flare without being misunderstood.

Bold Furniture, Fixtures, and Finishes

The color of a couch, light fixture, or painted piece of furniture can bring vividness to a neutralized space. The amount of light in that space can help determine where that piece should be – if it reflects color strongly, it should probably be away from the light sources so that its pronounced quality doesn’t become loud or overbearing. Decorative light fixtures can call attention to the space in a more subtle manner, allowing for other details, such as drawer handles and door knobs, to stretch the style across the room. An appropriately sized area rug with a bold color or pattern can set the stage for a neutrally comfortable ambience, and curtains fitting the same description can do the same against subdued walls.

A little bit of bold can create a whole lot of interesting for your Wilmington, NC home. Balance between low key components and an outgoing presence can make an entire space more inviting while preserving its comfort level. Whether it’s a simple paint job for a piece of existing furniture or the purchase of something new and extroverted to announce itself, adding a dash of bold to your space can bring its personality to wonderfully fun life.

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