Add Ease With Motorized Blinds Wilmington, NC
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Add Ease With Motorized Blinds

add ease with motorized blinds wilmington, nc

Motorized curtains and blinds bring practicality to the home. Blind and curtain cords present a tremendous safety hazard to children and pets. People who are physically limited can spare themselves potential wrist, hand, and elbow pain. But even for those without the aforementioned situations, motorized curtains and blinds add convenience and beauty to the at-home landscape of your Wilmington, NC home.


Newer homes have larger windows, requiring larger cuts of fabric and stacks of slats to cover adequately. Manually opening and closing these massive textiles can be a hassle. Motorized window shades can be tied into a control system and operated with the touch of a button or can be programmed according to an owner-defined schedule.


Shades prevent others from seeing into the home, providing privacy and protection to homeowners and their possessions. When the homeowner is gone for a long time, however, it becomes obvious that no one is at home. Motorized shades can be programmed to open and close at random times, giving the impression that someone is home.

Energy Savings

The only element that a window cannot prevent from entering is light, which causes heat. An A/C unit programmed to turn on and maintain a certain temperature can be overused if too much heat is entering the home. Covering your windows prevents that heat from entering, and motorized curtains and blinds can be programmed to use heat and light sensors, knowing when to open and close the window coverings. That same sunlight can damage furniture as well, so a solar cell provides multiple benefits.


Curtains, drapes, shades, sheers, and blinds can all contribute to the elegance of a home. That elegance can be minimized by mildly frayed, unsightly cords dangling next to them. The balance of shades and blinds can be difficult to find as well; a perfectly coordinating window treatment can hang awkwardly if one string in its cord system is pulled more than the other. Motorizing these treatments makes them easier to manage, using fluid movements to get them to the right spot. Multiple side-by-side windows can all be programmed to run from the same switch, making light control easier to handle.

Motorized window shades and draperies have joined the ranks of home technology. Motorized shades and curtains elevate the comfort, protection, convenience and beauty of your home while saving you money on energy. Along with security and temperature systems, using motorized blinds and curtains can take your home protection to the next level.

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