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The Serene Beauty of White on White Decor

monochromatic white

Many Wilmington homeowners love the serene beauty of white-on-white decor – and we happen to agree that the look is stunning! Depending on the look you want, you can make monochromatic white appear modern, edgy, or traditionally timeless; the choices are surprisingly varied. What are some ways you can make white look great in your home? We have some suggestions that keep your Wilmington home anything but boring.  

Use Unexpected Elements

Having white walls, ceiling, and furniture is a calming look – but in a white-on-white room, the eye tends to wander and look for an interesting place to rest. Give your eyes a thrill with unexpected elements. You might enjoy the look of mismatched dining room chairs, repurposed antiques, or a modern piece in a traditional room.

Add a Pop of Color

Of course, nothing draws the eye like a little pop of dramatic color in a white room. So let your imagination wander! Perhaps a throw rug in dark plum would do the trick? Maybe a dramatically large vase on a side table in a striking crimson? Nothing cheers up a white-on-white room like plump throw pillows in sunshine yellow. Whatever your favorite color, add a little accent piece in the room – you’ll surely love it.

Experiment with Texture and Finishes

Another way to add interest to a monochromatic room is to use a variety of textures and finishes. For example, some have used textured white wallpaper on one wall or the ceiling to add visual interest. Shiplap is also a great choice for adding rich texture and visual appeal. You can also try using a variety of finishes. Paint one wall in a glossy white finish, or lacquer the floor to make it shine.

Don’t Forget to Reflect

White-on-white decor makes any room look larger, but don’t be afraid to use other expansive tricks to add some interest to your room – in the form of reflections! Would your room look great with a large mirror (or even wall of them)? Silver, gold, or rose-tone reflective paint adds a beautiful touch in a white room. Paint photo frames or accent pieces in these metallic tones.

No matter what you choose to decorate your home, we can help you decide on the perfect window treatment to compliment your decor. Whatever you’re looking to find, we have what you need – roller shades, honeycomb shades, interior shutters, or flowing drapes! Reach out to us; are happy to come to your home and help you find what works best for your home.
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