Special Roman Shades Wilmington NC
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Austrian, Balloon, & London: Special Roman Shades

The Home Decor question: What is an Austrian, London, and Balloon shade?

The Home Decor answer: Austrian, London, and Balloon style window treatments are types of Roman Shades with attitude. Impeccable Design & Drapery shown on Houzz.com, describes an Austrian shade as “a Roman shade on steroids.” The London shade is often referred to as a relaxed Roman shade. The Balloon shade is a Roman shade in love, romantic and beautiful.

These are special fabric shades that can quickly restyle your home. The Austrian shade brings to mind the opulent style of a Viennese theater. When this shade is raised it draws up into deep scallops and when it is lowered it mimics drapery. The lower edge is usually adorned with trim such as tassels, beads, and fringe. For a more dramatic look use lighter weight fabrics such as sheer, silk, or lace to compliment this style shade. Austrian shades are also referred to as a Victorian style shade; formal and traditional.

Similar to the Austrian shade but having a softer, more billowing appearance is the Balloon shade. Balloon shades are so called because as they are gathered, they form a scalloped edge on the bottom that “balloons” out. These shades can be purchased in at least three different styles: gathered, smocked, and pleated. Balloon shades offer Old World styling that meet today’s current trends. Choice of fabric, color, and pattern for these shades can certainly set the mood in any room. Silk or velvet fabric used in a bedroom or living room creates drama and elegance.

London shades are similar to Balloon shades, yet they are less billowy and a bit more tailored. London shades are designed to lie flat with bottom folds on each side. These are shades with small inverted pleats along the upper edge of the shade with wide swags across the width and fan shaped wings on the outer edges. This is a very unique and elegant shade that once installed, should be left stationary to enhance this particular style.

Every room of your home deserves special attention when choosing window treatments. These “special shades” are a good fit for every room of your home and are especially a good fit for specialty windows such as arch, french door, and bay windows. The possibilities in design and style of these “special roman shades” is endless, making your window, your room and your home special.

These unique Roman shades will add a one-of-a-kind style to any home. Contact us at Home Decor Solutions,here in Wilmington, NC for a Free-In -Home consultation to experience all the special possibilities. We are one click, one call away.

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