Bed Drapery, Fine Art for Your Home Wilmington NC
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Bed Drapery, Fine Art for Your Home

The bedroom has long been a place of privacy and comfort, as well as a way to demonstrate status, wealth, and power. In times past more money was spent on bed hangings than any other accessories or piece of furniture. In the Georgian period, bed hangings and draperies were elevated to fine art. The Victorians considered an un-draped bed to be bare and unfinished. Bed drapery or hangings have in recent years become increasingly popular as a way to add drama, privacy, and unique style to your bedroom.

From the Simple to the Elaborate, There’s Something for All Tastes

“Dressing” the bed can be done in a variety of ways, from the simple to the elaborate depending on the look you want to achieve.

The simplest of all are bed curtains that hang informally from poles fixed to the ceiling. These can fall gracefully to the floor or create a tent like effect or be tied back with a ribbon or braid. This design of bed drapery can work well in a nursery or child’s room to create added light control and color. Keeping in mind any drapery used around children the focus is on child safety.

Bed drapery can be unlined if you want to achieve an even more informal look. No material is too simple: Muslin, cotton sheeting, lining silk or natural linen can be used.

A more elaborate or frivolous way of dressing a bed is becoming fashionable. One example is known as lit a la polonaise, an 18th century design, where a crown with curved iron rods is used as a central point from which to drape the curtains above and along the whole length of the bed.

Use heavy woven fabrics such as tapestry or damask hung from a four poster bed for a dramatic and more formal setting. When drawn, the drapes surround the whole bed and ensure a quiet, relaxing enviroment.

Bed draperies are a new modern twist for the modern home. If you decide to hang draperies around your bed it is important that they reflect the overall design of the bedroom. Keep in mind if the window draperies are complex in design or color, very simple bed hangings are the better choice. Also, the window and the bed draperies do not have to match but it is important that they compliment each other in color or in the pattern of fabric you choose.

Here at Home Decor Solutions of Wilmington, we offer a drapery design service with professional consultants to help you decide which bed drapery is best suited for your bedroom. Call us for a Free-In-Home appointment to see the all the possibilities. We are one click, one call away!

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