Benefits of Vertical Blinds Wilmington, NC
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Benefits of Vertical Blinds


The reputation of vertical blinds is that people either love them or hate them. But vertical blinds have a lot to offer, and despite their past reputation, let us show you how vertical blinds are actually an excellent choice for your window treatments.

While vertical blinds may bring back memories of stuffy conference rooms or outdated buildings, they actually are a very versatile and fashionable solution for windows. Vertical blinds are perfect for providing privacy and light control on large windows and sliding glass doors. They are also cost effective, easy to maintain and come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors.

Cost Effective

There is no doubt, when doing a cost comparison, that vertical blinds are much more economical for covering large windows and sliding glass doors. Rather than buying yards of drapery fabric to cover your sliding glass door, vertical blinds can easily be installed for a fraction of the price. As well, vertical blinds can last up to 10 years with very little maintenance.

In addition to being cheaper to purchase than traditional blinds and full drapes, vertical blinds can also save your money. In the winter months, keeping your vertical blinds closed can help trap your room’s heating inside and the bitter cold outside. Alternatively, in the summer months, closed vertical blinds can keep the heat out and the AC in. This solution maintains a low electricity bill during the most expensive times of the year.

Easy to Maintain

Vertical blinds are an excellent alternative to drapes and slat blinds, due to their low level of maintenance. Traditional blinds tend to be a dust trap and can require multiple washings a year. Alternatively, dust doesn’t cling as easily to the vertical blinds as easily since they run vertical rather than horizontal.

While you’re installing your vertical blinds, it’s important to invest in a quality headrail. This device is attached to the wall and is what your blinds will run on. The headrail controls the opening, closing and overlap of the individual blinds. To ensure your blinds last for as long as possible, a quality headrail will keep the panels running smoothly and properly.

Variety of Fabrics and Colors

If you’re looking for a specific color for your window treatments, vertical blinds come in a whole myriad of colors and fabrics to fit any room’s interior design. Blind installers, such as Window Coverings of Wilmington, offer the large variety of vertical blind colors.

Vertical blinds are also available in a variety textures, materials, and sizes. They can be made to fit any window size in your house. Whether the feel of your room is casual or elegant, contemporary or vintage, vertical blinds can fit into any design in any room. Call Window Coverings of Wilmington today to find the best vertical blind solution for your indoor space.

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