Styling Light-Filtering Window Coverings in Wilmington NC
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Choose Your Style and Mood with Window Treatments

Light accentuates mood and style, and window treatments manage that light. Semi-sheer, light filtering, light blocking, and room darkening shades and curtains all protect the feel your space should have. Choosing the right window treatments to set the mood and style of a room assures that the room’s greatest light control properly handles the room’s greatest light source.

light-filtering window coverings in wilmington nc


Semi-sheers present elegance to your Wilmington, NC home. An open airiness allows light entry while providing privacy, although that privacy will be limited as suggested by its name. The light fabric softens the hard lines of a window while offering some protection from harmful UV light. The resulting diffused light gives off a dream-like glow that brightens the appearance of a room. Semi-sheers are often machine washable and can be hung back on the rod to dry.

Light Filtering

Light filtering shades are also known as semi-opaque shades. They provide a wealth of light while providing privacy, but unlike semi-sheers, they also provide insulation. This is a great choice for common rooms where you will still want complete privacy inside the home. A well lit room may show through some silhouettes at night, but the color can mute the contrast of the outlines seen from the other side.

Light Blocking

The density of light blocking shades elicit the need for artificial light, even during the day. Light blocking shades dim a room significantly. Light blocking shades are the preferred choice of many day-sleepers. Wood or faux wood blinds tilted closed also provide this amount of light. Darker colors absorb more light, while lighter colors reflect light, but a darker color will darken more than a lighter color will lighten.

Room Darkening

Room darkening shades are fantastic for media rooms and bedrooms. Room darkening shades create a great movie theater experience and contribute to good sleep. Room darkening shades will still let through light at the sides of the shade, but cellular shades have the least allowance of light.

Other Light-Filtering Window Coverings in Wilmington NC

Layered treatments are a great solution for rooms with multiple uses, such as living rooms that are used for a movie night as well as entertaining afternoon guests on the weekend. The choice of color and textile will influence the feel of the room; curtains, drapes, sheers, and lace will soften a room, while blinds and shades create a geometric appeal.

The spaces of a home should reflect the homeowner, and the right window treatments will give you a space that reflects your style.

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