Cordless Blinds Wilmington for Pet Safety
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Go Cordless to Keep Pets Safe


pet safety wilmington

We do a lot to keep our pets safe. We give them collars and ID tags complete with address and phone number. We register our pets with services to help us find them in case they get lost. We keep them from mixing with other not-so-well-behaved animals. We even microchip them!

We also want them to be safe at home. We install puppy gates so they don’t get into anything dangerous. We puppy-proof trash cans so they won’t eat anything harmful. We buy them thundershirts so they’ll be a little more comfortable during a thunderstorm. We check what kind of food we buy for them and make sure it’s healthy.

Cordless Window Coverings to Keep Your Pet Safe

Pets like to be entertained. Cats will chase shadows, lights, string, and pretty much anything else! As you know, window cords look like strings, and your cat is going to want to play with it, putting your furry friend in potential danger. Dogs get worked up with any sort of movement outside. Cords can get in the way of and wrap themselves around your pup when it tries to make eye contact with the squirrel running across your backyard. These are only concerns about the cords themselves, not any other plastic or metal pieces that your cat or dog may chew and choke on.

Cordless Window Covering Options

If you’re looking for more than just cordless blinds in Wilmington, we have lots of options to choose from! Here are some cordless options to make your home safer for your pet:

Cordless cellular shades are great for insulation and energy efficiency. They are also called honeycomb shades because of the small pockets that trap air and help keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter.

Cordless pleated shades are a similar option to cellular shades. The two main differences are that they don’t insulate quite as well and allow a little more light to come in.

Cordless roller shades are made of a flat shade that hangs at the window pane and rolls up onto a cylindrical rod when raised. Roller shades come in an incredible amount of décor options. You can even print photos or paintings directly onto the fabric.

Drapes and curtains are the most decorative of cordless window treatments. These add a lot of personality to a room. They can also filter or block light and can be lined for insulation. Drapes can make both a room and a window feel larger if they are hung near the ceiling.

Panel track blinds are the sliding-door version of blinds. They function like drapery since they open and close horizontally and are available in a variety of materials, from vinyl to screens to natural wood.

Motorized Options for Safe Pets

When should you go with motorized window treatments instead of manually operated cordless treatments? Here are a few ideas:

Lots of windows on one wall. You can have a room organized, clean, and well-arranged, but a wall of blinds that are raised to different heights is visually distracting. Having motorized blinds on a wall with multiple windows is a great way to keep a continuous clean look throughout the room.

Wide windows. If your windows are too wide, your covering will be hard to use. An unbalanced line can look awkward, and if the treatment is too wide to handle comfortably, it will either stress you out trying to open and close it or it will not look good when you do finally get it open. Motorizing wide window treatments makes operation much easier.

Windows behind furniture. A window treatment that disappears behind furniture may create visual interest, kind of like the edge of an infinity pool. The trouble is using the window treatment requires climbing on furniture and reaching down behind it to lift. This would especially be awkward when guests are seated in front of the window treatment and the only way to get to it is asking them to move. For window treatments behind furniture, go motorized. (As a side note, this is an especially dangerous spot for corded blinds since pets can climb on furniture and jump down onto the window sill. A cord in the wrong place will have horrible results.)

High windows. If you can’t reach them, you won’t be able to operate them. High windows are a great place to limit your work to the flick of a switch.

11 was National Pet Day, so while we have our pets in mind, take the time to create the safest environment possible for them at home. We’ve gone to great lengths to keep them safe when they go out, so let’s make sure the wonderful beings they are can be just as secure at home while they keep us company.

If you’re looking for cordless blinds in Wilmington or the surrounding areas, we have what you need to keep your pet dogs and cats safe!

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