Choosing Drapes to Complete Your Home Wilmington NC
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Choosing Drapes to Complete your Home, Wilmington, NC

After some considerable thought and research, you’ve decided drapes are the perfect window covering to add balance and interest to your home. Since drapes come in an endless variety of style, fabric, and color, choosing just the right drape is important to help complete the look you want to achieve. There are a few tips to keep in mind whether you are coordinating drapes with your present home décor, or are completely redecorating your home.
      There is a rule professional designers use that is very helpful in determining how color and pattern can be used. This rule is known as the 60-30-10 rule using 3 basic colors. Whatever colors you decide, 60% of the room is the dominate color such as the walls, 30% of color used on rugs and window treatments, and 10% is accessories such as pillows and artwork. To achieve a modern monochromatic look, you may decide to use different shades of the same color such as tan, gray, or white. One way to achieve a dramatic effect is to use a cream colored roman shade, then add drapery panels in silk or velvet to add texture and color. HGTV ‘s David Bromstead on infusing color into our home shares this tip; “ Curtain panels can change the whole look of a room. To make a bold statement but not a permanent one buy bold curtains in reds or oranges or greens to liven up your space and give the appearance of wall color.” Keep in mind contrasting colors and patterns are popular and appealing. This can be accomplished by matching background colors or one color in the pattern or fabric of your furnishings.
    There are endless combinations of drapery window treatments that are available to complete the design of your home. Custom-made drapes are a great choice because they will truly make your home one of a kind in design, uniquely yours. Contact a home design professional here in Wilmington, NC to view the latest in drapery design and fashion.

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