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Clear the Clutter – and Brighten Your Mood!

clear the clutter

We all love our stuff – our clothes, shoes (our shoes!!!), craft items, books, kitchen gadgets, and so on. But, you have to admit that all these things just might be a little out of control, right? Whether you realize it or not, clutter – aka too much stuff – is stressful. Clutter is a weight; it draws on your energy and can carry feeling of guilt. It takes focus away from what is really important: our family, friends, and lives.

Is it really that drastic? Yes! Dr. Sherri Bourg Carter says that clutter leaves us “feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed,” and lists several reasons why it does so.

The revolutionary and simple KonMari method can help you lift that weight, ease your mind, and lead to a better life – really!! The overarching principle rings true – every possession in your life must bring you happiness before it is allowed to remain. There is no room for anything in your home that does not “spark joy”. So clear the clutter – donate it, give it to someone who will love it, recycle it – but don’t let it hold space in your life anymore.

Does that feel a little bit scary? That’s ok. This reaction is absolutely normal. If you’re ready to clear the clutter, here is a quick summary of the clutter-cleansing KonMari method!   

The Start

The KonMari method is simple and complete. It suggests that one must start with organizing clothes (then move on to books, papers, and finally other miscellaneous items). There is even a method to folding every item of clothing! We will focus on starting with clothes. Pile everything, every article of clothing you possess. Empty your dresser, closets, and storage bins onto the floor. Once you get over the shock of how much is there, go on to the next step!

The Decision

Start with the nearest item of clothing; pick it up. KonMari says that you should physically touch the item, and ask yourself if you feel happiness. Does this shirt, the one that really doesn’t fit right, but was on sale for an amazing 75% off, three years ago, and is almost the color you like … does it spark joy?

Uhhhh, no, it doesn’t. There is your decision!!

Of course, some decisions are harder. The jeans you wore in high school; the ones you wore to the game where you met your husband, certainly hold many feelings, but do they spark joy now? That’s a tough one!

The Release

This part can be emotional, especially for those of us who hold sentimental attachment to our things. The goodbye is hard, but it brings closure. If you’ve decided that an item doesn’t really and truly make you happy, it’s time to say goodbye. Here’s how:

Acknowledge that the item played a special part in your life. Appreciate what it did. You might feel a little silly thanking your ski socks for their service, but many people find it to be freeing. Understand that someone else in the world can obtain more joy than you from it. Then, just clear the clutter – let it go. How? Many local charities accept clothing donations. Some charities will even pick up your items.

Clear the Clutter for a Happier Home

The best thing about the KonMari method? Many people have found that it changes their outlook on life for the better, not just organizes their closet.

Of course, we think that an organized closet is one of the best things is life! Once you’ve cleared the clutter, come see what solutions we have to keep that change going for you. We’d love to chat about your home and make that positive change last.

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