Color: A Key Element in Window Treatments Wilmington NC
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Color: A Key Element in Window Treatment Design

The most important single element in decorating a room, including its windows is the effective use of color.

According to eHow health, “Instructors at the Bloomsburg University Graphic Design Center say that color has profound effects on the mental and physical well being of humans. Colors can be used to influence our emotions and feelings so it is important to pay attention how you respond to them.”

So what colors are you drawn to? What are your favorite colors?  Since window treatments can help set the mood in the home especially when color is used, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. When decorating a room go from dark to light. Keep floors dark, window treatments the middle range and the ceiling light.

2. Use simple, but brightly colored, window treatments in rooms with smaller windows for a pop of color.

3. Colors such as red, yellow, and orange are described as warm colors which bring people together, stimulate conversation and feelings of excitement.

4. Cool colors include blue, purple, and green, which  invite feelings of serenity, sadness, and peace.

5. Be careful about matching the color of the window treatment too closely to the wall color or they will disappear.

6. For a canvas of creativity use neutral colored window treatments in white, beige, or tan if you want other elements of the room to shine.

7. If you want the window to stand out use a window treatment with bold colors or patterns or a complementary combination of both.

8. Decorative trimmings, such as multicolored braids and ribbons for edging and tying back window treatments, can be used to add color and interest.

9.  Your window treatments should complement the other colors in your room.

10. When in doubt about what window treatment will work for your home, call an expert who can help you find the home decor solution.

The way windows are dressed is one of the most important decisions facing the homeowner. Here at Home Decor Solutions we will guide you in selecting just the right style, design, and color to frame the windows of your home. Call for a FREE-in-Home consultation. We are one click, one call away.

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