Color Trends for 2013 Wilmington NC
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Color Trends for 2013

Here we are in the 13th year (some may say) of the new millennium and for some it means a time for new beginnings. The saying comes to mind, out with the old and in with the new.

Some of those new things may have to do with our home design. Now is the time to start thinking about those areas of your home that you would like to update and refresh by installing decorative window treatments with the latest in color and fashion design. What are some of the popular colors for 2013 in home fashion decor?

The 2013 color palette tends toward the neutrals, such as cool grays and soft cappuccino. There is more emphasis this coming year on textures and finishes than on bold bright colors.

The year 2013 is the year of the blue, from soft pale blue to dark navy as the new black. The color yellow is popular, only now softer and more subdued. Red is more orange and used with moderation.

Patterns continue to be a favorite with designers. Animal prints are always interesting, with this year elephants and dogs the print of choice. Floral prints in 2013 are more modern with soft airy designs. Stripes are a big hit, the wider the better.

Julie Rogowski of the Boston Design Center, speaking about this pattern says, “Designers like it (stripes) because it brings movement to a room.”

Soft natural sheers in neutral colors are affordable, practical and add a soft texture to any room. Look for fabric with horizontal stripes and chevrons in the new 2013 colors. These patterns and colors when used with drapes, shades, and blinds provide personality and interest to a room. Adding contrasting tassels, bows, and valances to window treatments make them both fun and functional.

Someone once said, “a New Year is like a blossom unfolding with petals curled up tightly concealing the beauty within.”

To unfold the beauty of your home and to get acquainted with the newest trends for 2013, contact us here at Home Decor Solutions Inc. for a Free-In-Home consultation. We are one click, one call away.

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