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How to Make the Copper Trend Work in Your Home

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We are seeing more and more of the gorgeous copper trend popping up – and we have to admit we love it! Copper is strikingly classic, old-world hip.  Not only is this warm, elegantly arcadian metal being used in small decor accessories, you can now find large items like end tables, floor lamps, lighting and plumbing fixtures.   

Let us share some beautiful color schemes that look amazing with copper, and of course, suggestions of window treatments that will bring it all together. We also will share some expert advice regarding colors you may want to avoid, but the final choice is always up to you!

What Works with Copper:

Blush, Gray, and Copper

making copper work at homeThe color scheme that we really love and is all over Pinterest this year is the blush gray and copper trend. It is romantic, tranquil and chic. It works very well for your bedroom getaway. For those days that you want to sleep in, pair it with a light-blocking, charcoal gray roller shade for a clean modern look. Our traditional wood shutters come in a variety of gray tones and work perfectly for a traditional or transitional look.

This scheme also works well in the living room and home office. Gray walls and large furniture pieces add the perfect canvas for rich copper. Accent with as much or as little blush as you want! Don’t be put off by blush; the color scheme can be customized with incorporating more masculine gray tones, and less rose, if that is your preference. As always, balance is the key and your taste dictates the look.  

Greens, Blues, and Copper

One of the basic concepts of decor (and color in general) is that warm colors are offset well by cool tones. wilmington home decor copperSo warm copper is complimented well by soft greens and inviting blues. For soft colors, we suggest light-filtering ivory or gray sheers, with complimentary accent drapes. Honeycomb shades also come in a wide variety of tones that will allow diffused light into your home. This will make the copper trend a look that you are sure to enjoy for years to come.

Dramatic tones of blue and green – for those that love to make that bold statement – look so sublime! Copper just pops on emerald green, royal teal, or deep navy blue. Using one of these colors floor-to-ceiling as an accent wall to frame a copper feature piece (like a row of pendants, or copper framed mirror) is a great way to add excitement to your room. Warm, deep brown tones for floors, rugs and your window coverings add balance and variety to your room. We have drapes in everything from rich damask, to subdued neutral linens – and can show you several ideas to find the right combination of color for dynamic and timeless refinement.  


What Doesn’t Work with Copper:

Ruddy Red

wilmington window treatments copperAs you know, copper has a reddish tone, so we would suggest that you do not overdose when picking out your color scheme. You may find that copper gets lost in bold ruby accent walls, or when combined with royal red drapes. Redheads are often told not to wear crimson, and likewise, you will likely not be pleased with the look of copper and red. However, sometimes rebels must break the rules! Either way, we are here to make you happy in your home.

Jolting Yellow

Another modest suggestion: you may not find that you love the combination of yellow and copper. Decor experts have found that these two tones tend to clash. The brightness of copper and cheerful luminous lemon tones just compete – and both end up getting lost.  Of course, there is always a way to make the copper trend work with yellow. If you mellow the color scheme with browns, grays, and ivory, then splash the room with your favorite daffodil highlights, you can make this look work.

Ready to Start with Copper?

Are you ready to jump into the copper trend? We are here to ensure that your decor is harmonious, amazing, and makes you happy.

You can contact us any way you like – just give us a call at (910) 790-3630, message us on Facebook, or stop by our showroom at 311 Judges Road – just off Market Street.

Show us your ideas for copper decor and we will help you choose the right window treatments for you!

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