Draperies...The Perfect Solution! Wilmington NC
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Draperies…The Perfect Solution!

Did you know that a large majority of homes have windows that are uneven or out of square? As such, this can cause several challenges when it comes to home decorating.

One challenge may be furniture placement. For example, if windows are uneven in a Master Bedroom, it may be difficult for the homeowner to place the bed in against the wall the homeowner desires, due to the windows causing it to look aesthetically incorrect.

Another issue could be the decisions involving window coverings. Placing certain types of window coverings in uneven windows could cause the asymmetry to be even more obvious. But, don’t worry; we have solutions for this as well.
A great solution is by incorporating beautiful draperies to actually solve an uneven window issue. By installing the draperies evenly over each of the windows in a room, we are able to hide the fact that the windows were not installed exactly uniform and give the appearance that they were actually perfect.
Draperies and soft fashions can serve so many different purposes. Draperies or Curtains can add the finishing touch to a room that already has blinds or plantation shutters by adding warmth, softness, or a splash of color. By utilizing heavier fabrics, draperies add a layer of insulation around windows, helping to lower the cost of utility bills. Drapes can also simply filter light into a room or can be used to completely darken a room, such as a bedroom or Theater Room. They can even be motorized so that they glide quietly and effortlessly with the mere press of a button.
Because we have thousands of colors & patterns to choose from, including decorative hardware, accent cording, tassels, tiebacks and more, the options are virtually endless. Each homeowner is able to choose the perfect fabric to match his or her own individual home decor style.
Call Home Decor Solutions today for a Free In-Home Consultation and allow one of our knowledgeable team members to show you just how diverse our fabric options really are!
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