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The Energy Efficiency of Hardwood Shutters

energy efficient shutters

Way back when, shutters were more than decorations. They were used to keep out the summer heat and winter winds so that “home” was always as comfortable as it should be. Did you know that interior and exterior window shutters can still make your home energy efficient? Let’s see how.

Energy Efficient Shutters: Exterior

All exterior shutters can be combined with interior window treatments to bump up their insulating ability. If you’re looking for the most energy savings, exterior shutters win the trophy for keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Louvered shutters (that is, the shutters with slats) are best for summer because they allow breezes to come in and cool the house, while blocking out the sunlight.

Solid shutters are great at insulating; keeping the summer heat and winter cold outside where they belong. For safety’s sake, some communities require that shutter systems have a crank, rod, or motor so they can be opened and closed from inside the house.

Energy Efficient Shutters: Interior

Plantation shutters can be added to the inside of a window, giving your home an added decorative touch. Wood plantation shutters are especially good at balancing indoor temperatures since they don’t heat up or cool down too quickly. They also fit tightly against the window or door frame so that air doesn’t get in and out. For the best in insulation, use interior shutters with other window treatments.

Before you buy, make sure you know how much space your shutters will take up when they’re open. A professional consultation can prevent measurement mistakes.

Slat Out the Uncomfortable Weather

Louvers are the wonderful in uncomfortable weather. Tilt them down to let in sunlight to warm the house on a cool winter day. Tilt them up to block out sun radiation but still let in light. Completely closing the slats will insulate your home once it has reached your favorite temperature. Less cooling, less heating, and more cost-effective temperature control are just a tilt away. Your wallet will thank you for the investment!

Shutters already add a timeless beauty to your home. They’ve been used in homes for centuries, but unlike today’s trends toward “vintage,” shutters never went out of style. Along with energy savings, shutters provide privacy and protect your furniture from damaging UV light. Though it’s true that most other window treatments provide that same protection and privacy, none light up a room more elegantly than the timeless look of shutters.

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