Decor That's Environmentally Responsible Wilmington NC
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Environmentally Responsible Home Fashions, Wilmington, NC

Going green is a new phrase and phase that has been adopted by many these past few years. People see the need to care for and contribute to saving the environment. Going green has become a popular way of living. Environmentally friendly items can include clothing, food, automobiles and a variety of products for our homes.

When talking about going green in your Wilmington, NC home this means using what is known as health friendly and environmentally safe materials and fabrics. This includes window treatments, wallpaper, upholstery, floors, and fashionable home accessories.  There are many green fabrics to choose from that have anti-microbial, anti-fungus traits including non-toxic dyes woven into them. There are also fabrics available that are stain, mildew, and mold resistant. Some of the more versatile Eco-friendly fabrics are made from bamboo, hemp, wool, ramie, and linen. Environmentally responsible materials also include recycled, renewable fibers such as 100% recycled polyester which is fiber made from soda, water, and food containers and can be combined with other natural fibers to produce a fabric that is comfortable and durable. These types of fabrics are popular choices with people who suffer with allergies or those looking for a more organic environment.

Window treatments of organic and natural materials include bamboo roman shades; drapes made of organic cotton or rich beautiful silk. The natural woven shades let in diffused light, with the ability to see out yet offer protection and privacy. Matching or contrasting pillows, rugs and upholstery in an Eco-friendly fabric can complete the look and accommodate all your green needs.

These natural and organic home fashion options can add balance, serenity, and comfort to any home.

If you have an Eco-friendly view for your Wilmington, NC home, call Home Décor Solutions, Inc. for a Free in Home consultation to show you the fashionable variety of green products, fabrics, and designs.

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