Window Coverings on a Budget Wilmington NC
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Freshen Up Your Window Coverings on a Budget!

Winter is finally departing and spring is making its grand debut. This is usually the time that homeowners are becoming eager to spruce up their homes, but now, more than ever, also being mindful of their budgets.  The good news is you don’t need to break the bank to change the look of a room or to simply spruce up the place.  There are many budget-conscious things we can suggest to improve the look of your home.

Here are a few suggestions we can offer that will help to brighten the rooms in your home this spring:

•   While paint can change the mood of a room. Did you know that window coverings can change the way light reacts with that color? Adding a simple window treatment can add a fresh new look to a room.

•   Add a simple drapery panel or soft valance to an existing window treatment to soften angles. This helps add a bit of drama with an accent color and makes the room even more inviting.
•  It is a general rule of thumb that professional decorators usually repeat an accent color three times in a room – once in the lower section of the room, once in the middle section and once in the upper section of the room.  We suggest repeating that accent color with drapery panels or a topper in the upper, decorative throw pillows in the middle, and an area rug for the bottom.
•   When buying drapery panels, you can save money by having the fabric stop at the floor rather than allowing it to puddle, since less fabric is used this way.
•   By simply switching out a set of drapery panels or accessories seasonally, you can actually help to create a whole new look in any room.
•   You may want to select faux wood blinds over real wood. Faux wood is an excellent choice for humid rooms like bathrooms or your kitchen. They are beneficial in that they resist warping better than real wood in these types of areas.
•  Do your due diligence and invest wisely when making home décor purchases.  While an item may be less expensive, the item may not be durable enough to withstand daily use. In the end, you could ultimately spend more to replace it than if you had originally purchased an item of better quality.

These are just a few of our simple tips to help you enjoy decorating without exceeding your budget. Call us for a Free In-Home Consultation and we can show you even more ways to freshen up your window treatments and home décor accessories “on a dime”!

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