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10 Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

get rid of backyard mosquitoesA half-inch of standing water can really get a mosquito party going. Once they breed, they will find other places during their down time to stay safe. If you know where they like to live, rest, breed, and hide, you can prevent them from ruining your backyard experience. Here are the top 10 hotspots around your home – and the ways you can get rid of mosquitoes in your Wilmington backyard.

Shrubs, and Tall Grass

Plant life offers plenty of moisture and cooler temperatures. Mosquitoes like to hide on the underside of leaves, eating nectar and waiting for the day to cool down.

Keep your yard’s plant life trimmed so that light and air can get through the leaves easily. This will keep them from creating an environment that is too humid or dark, which is exactly where mosquitoes like to hide. Pay special attention to cutting down tall grass around walkways, pools, or ponds. That grass tends to be taller because of the added moisture.

Clogged Gutters and Eaves

Fall weather is on the way, which means some tree debris will be heading for your gutters. Clogged gutters aren’t just bad for water damage. The debris in gutters give mosquitoes a place to hide, and standing water gives them a place to breed.

It’s not the favorite job of… well, anybody… but cleaning out your gutters will give mosquitoes one less place to multiply and take over.

Piles of Leaves, Grass, and Wood

Fall’s damp, rainy weather also means leaves and grass tend to stay wet on the ground. Firewood may also be stacked to be burned during the winter.

As soon as you rake, get rid of the leaves. As soon as you cut the grass, get rid of the clippings. A small pile of leaves or grass can insulate just enough warmth for mosquitoes to feel comfortable in them. Keep your firewood stacked under a tarp and make sure rain water won’t run toward the pile. Also, make sure your firewood is completely dry. If it is wet under the tarp, it creates a cozy environment for mosquitoes.

Tree Stumps and Hollows

If your firewood came from a tree in your yard, the stump can collect enough rainwater to pool. A hollow spot in the side of the tree can do the same.

Fill the hollows and the low spots on stumps with sand. The sand will prevent the mosquitoes from having the space to breed.

Old Tires & Tire Swings

Tires easily fill up with water. They are so notorious for breeding mosquitoes that there are tire recycling services dedicated to helping reduce mosquito populations.

Get those tires off your property. If you have a tire swing in your yard, drill a few holes in the bottom of the tire so they drain properly.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes Under Decks

If water runs under a deck and doesn’t drain out properly, it will puddle in a dark area, creating a perfect environment for breeding.

You can fill low spots under a deck with sand. Although it may be a bigger project, the ideal solution is grading the area under the deck or putting in suitable drainage paths so that all water will run out.

Mosquitoes in Trash Cans?

Your trash may occasionally have a little bit of liquid in it. A trash can left open in the rain will fill with water. Water can also puddle in a dented lid. After the lid is closed or when night falls, mosquitoes will have a place to call home.

Make sure your trash isn’t carrying any moisture. Keep food, plant clippings, and other potential moist items separate from the regular trash, and keep the lid on the can at all times. You can also drill a few small holes in the bottom of the trash can and in the lid so any water that may have a chance to collect will drain out.

Planters & Pots

If you have potted plants with saucers or empty flower pots in your yard, there is probably some stagnant water in them. Drain out all that water, especially after it rains. Get rid of any containers you aren’t using.

Canoes, Rafts, Kayaks, and Boats

Thoroughly dry anything that was taken out on the water. Store kayaks and canoes upside down so they won’t gather water. Covering them with a tarp can also be helpful in case of rain. Dry rafts thoroughly before deflating and storing them. Boats should also be covered, and the cover should be weighted so that any rain water won’t gather on the tarp.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Tarps and Pool Covers

Tarps are great for keeping things dry, but if the runoff doesn’t have any particular path to take, it will pool up. Tarps are also notorious spots for mosquito breeding since the covered item doesn’t usually get uncovered on a regular basis.

When you cover something with a tarp, make sure the tarp is pulled tight. If you use bricks or other heavy items to weight the tarp down, make sure the water running towards the brick can make its way around it, otherwise, it will stop in front of the weight and pool up. After putting your tarp over something, throw a little water on it to see where it goes and to make sure it won’t gather.

These 10 areas are common problem spots, but the list doesn’t stop there: bird baths, buckets, wheelbarrows, wading and kiddie pools, toys, or anything else that can hold a half-inch of water will be just what mosquitoes need to establish their empire in your backyard. We all know the nuisance and the potential dangers of mosquitoes. Keep your home safe and your environment peaceful and mosquito-free.

Enjoying Backyard Life Without Mosquitoes

If mosquitoes are “bugging” you, remember that an enclosed patio is a nice way to enjoy the backyard without them. A screened off area can let you enjoy the warmth, the breeze, and the sounds of the season without the annoyance of a mosquito buzzing around your head. Window treatments for indoor and outdoor spaces can also help you keep out what you didn’t invite in. If you’re looking for window treatments for your enclosed patio, we’ve got great options and helpful advice in store. Reach out to us!


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