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Getting Organized? Try These Four Fab Storage Solutions!

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It’s a new year, and you’ve decided that 2017 is the “Year of Organization!” Great! Let’s start by looking at persistent trouble areas: the garage, family room, kitchen, and closets. These problem areas can be helped by four cleverly designed storage solutions by ClosetMaid.

Closet Storage Solutions:

ClosetMaid ShelfTrack systems are the answer for those of us who love versatility in our lives and closets. The system allows you to change your closet as your needs change. If you loved dresses last year, but now skirts and shirt separates are your thing, don’t worry! The hanging units and shelves can be repositioned to accommodate either. ShelfTrack systems are the perfect solution for kids closets. As your child grows, hanging rods can be repositioned higher. It’s easy and the wire units are lightweight, so when that next growth spurt comes in six months, it’s no problem to adjust again, and again, and again!

Garage Storage Solutions:

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally park your car in the garage? But those piles of sports equipment, tools, decorations, and that pink flamingo from college is keeping your car at bay. The ProGarage System gives you a proper place to store everything. Enclosed shelving units, drawer units, and a classic pegboard will store your tools in sight (and that pink flamingo out of sight). You’ll be happy to know that the units are impact resistant and resistant to scratches and stains. Your units will be able to hold up to rough treatment that will endure in the garage.

Living Room Storage Solutions:

Now that everyone has had their fun with Pie Face Showdown, where are you going to store it? You could put it in your closet – on top of the pile of puzzles (next to the bins of crayons and Legos) – where it will not reappear until 2020.  Or you could store it accessibly, just out of view in your family room.

That’s where ClosetMaid’s gorgeous adjustable 9-cube organizer comes in. Organization cubes don’t have to be plain, white, and boring. The unit comes in traditional and contemporary styles, with three tones to choose from so you can match your current décor.

The great really thing about this premium organizer is that it is adjustable. Mix cloth bins (hiding those games and Legos) with books, pretty vases, and family portraits. Guests will see nothing but class and style.

Kitchen Storage Solutions:

Are your kitchen cabinets a black hole of organization? “Where did I put that waffle maker!?” As you dig through plastic lids, refillable bottles, and lunch bags, you practically have to climb inside your cabinets. If you think there has to be an easier way, you’re right!

ClosetMaid has wonderful pull out baskets that fit perfectly inside your cabinets. Smooth ball bearing hardware and soft-close action brings that waffle maker to you, then easily slides back out of the way. Double baskets, a trash bin and 3-tier spice rack complete the organization trifecta. You will never have to wonder if you’ve slipped into another universe as you look for your panini press.

Intrigued by these organization ideas? Don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. If none of these seem like they could help… know that we have hundreds of custom items. We promise to help get you organized – our 2017 resolution is to help you!  


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