Grommet Drapes: A Current Trend Wilmington NC
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Grommet Drapes: A Current Trend

Draperies were used for centuries for practical, rather than decorative, reasons.

However, in 16th century Europe they began to be used as an element in interior design. In the 1700’s a variety of drapery styles began to appear and have influenced many of the drapery styles popular today.

One of the popular drapery styles today is the grommet drape. This style of drape is affordable, versatile, and can be simple to elegant depending on the decorative details you choose.

Grommet drapes are made with a variety of material and generally have circular grommets at the top, which slip onto a rod across the window.

The grommets at the top are available in different  colors and metals, such as nickel, brass, and black and different sizes and shapes, such as round, square, and diamond shape.

This style of drape is a good choice for every room of the house. These drapes are generally easy to clean and easy to open and close, moving freely over the rod.

Grommet drapes can be selected from three styles, lined, unlined, and sheer. In rooms where privacy is desired, such as a bedroom or living room, heavier fabrics such as velvet, tapestry, or chenille are a good choice. For added privacy and insulation from heat and cold, grommet drapes can be lined with acrylic suede or black-out material.

Grommet drapes made with sheer fabric do well in rooms such as the kitchen or a child’s room where more light and air are needed.

Grommet drapes hung on the patio in canvas or woven polyester not only provide protection and privacy, but also extend the living area of your home.

Today’s  window treatment options, like centuries ago, provide protection and privacy for your home.  Grommet drapes provide that and more with today’s modern fabrics and designs.  Here at Home Decor Solutions, we can help you design what you need for your home. Contact us for a Free-In-Home consultation. We are one click, one call away.

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