Hard & Soft Window Treatments Wilmington NC
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Hard and Soft Window Treatments Primary Elements of Home Design

The style in which you treat your windows will be determined by several factors, such as the window type, the need to control light, energy efficiency,  the desire for privacy, and the mood you want to create.

These factors will effect the decisions you make about window treatments that work best for your home. Window treatments are now called upon to be both fashionable and functional, key design elements that set the tone or personality of a room. While there is a  variety of design, style, and fabric options available, window treatments generally fall into two categories, “hard” or “soft” window coverings.

Hard Window Treatments

When the term “hard” window treatment is used, it is referring to items such as shutters, shades, and blinds, made of metal, vinyl, or wood.

Hard window treatments are generally thought of as more useful than soft ones because of their simple streamlined appearance and the ability to control light more effectively.

Soft Window Treatments


Soft window treatments include draperies, curtains, window shadings, soft shades, and some top treatments and accessories. Soft window treatments use fabric to enhance windows and rooms with color, pattern, and texture. Unlike hard window treatments, soft window treatments can carry out a room’s decorative theme or design and add a rich note of opulence.

Combining the Two

A combination of these two types of window treatments can be described as the best of both worlds.

For example, (soft) sheer panels of patterned lace soften the lines of tall (hard) louvered shutters in a Victorian-themed bedroom.

The wood shutters create the privacy, while the romantic lace softly diffuses the afternoon sun.

A (soft) taffeta curtain hung on a rod draped to one side, with a (hard) faux wood blind under treatment provides a dramatic look  that is just right for the home office or library.

The  faux wood blind filters the light and provides privacy, while the curtain adds a bold statement with design and pattern. However, keep in mind either of these style window treatments on their own can be aesthetically pleasing, dramatic, and practical.

Hunter Douglas “Country Woods Collection” is a great  (hard) window covering in wood tone finishes ranging from bleached pine to a deep mahogany that will compliment any color or design scheme.

When greater light control is needed, the “exclusive” de-Light feature from Hunter Douglas eliminates the light leakage through cord holes which is an appealing feature for some rooms of your home.

Roman shades (soft) in a crisp medium-weight fabric are shades that draw up in neat folds, giving them a tailored look that is suitable for any decor.

Lafayette offers “Genesis Roman Shades, which “provides exceptional light control with functional flair.”

The choices are abundant, the options are overwhelming, the creativity is endless. Our goal here at Home Decor Solutions is to help you to find a “hard or soft” window treatment that meets your needs. Customer satisfaction and savings are of interest here at Home Decor Solutions. Call or come by for a Free Consultation. We are one call, one click away.

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