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High-Tech Blinds for the Modern Home

motorized high-tech blinds

Imagine if you will: high-tech blinds and window treatments! Motorized window blinds, shades and draperies have joined the ranks of home technology, bringing you so many benefits.  You’ll enjoy more comfort, convenience and beauty at home — and you’ll save on energy costs, too.

High-Tech Blinds: Practical in Many Ways

  • Because there are no cords to entangle, they prevent safety hazards for curious children and pets.
  • If you or a loved one have joint problems, they can prevent physical pain. A simple push of a button means no more pulling and twisting on cords.
  • Do you have massive windows? These require massive coverings that are probably hard to manage. Imagine how much easier a motorized window treatment would be.
  • Security is a feature that many homeowners appreciate. Program your motorized shades to open and close at random times. This added security prevents would-be troublemakers from easily knowing that you’re not home.
  • Light and heat sensors also save energy. Blinds open and close to block out heat in summer and let it in during the chilly winter months.
  • Finally, motorized systems look more pleasing than corded systems, which look unbalanced and awkward when not drawn correctly.

High-Tech Blinds: Reliable

Window treatment companies, such as Somfy and Hunter Douglas, have been specialists in motorized systems for decades. Their products are tested for fire, electrical, and mechanical safety and for sound quality, heat, climate, and water and oxidation resistance. These systems can adjust automatically to scheduled settings or can be controlled via remote or a location-specific mobile app.

Motorized window treatment systems can run on either AC or DC current. AC current is better for larger, heavier window treatments since it comes from power line wiring and can be fed off of electrical outlets. DC motors usually run on batteries and work well for smaller windows with lighter treatments. Consult your local building standards.

High-tech blinds and window treatments are  convenient, practical, and they give you peace of mind. They truly are worth the investment. We would love to speak with you if you have more questions about how high-tech blinds and motorized window treatments will fit into your home and lifestyle.

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