How to Care For Your Interior Shutters Wilmington, NC
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How to Care for Your Interior Shutters

care interior shutters

If you are considering the purchase of interior shutters, you likely want to know what kind of care and upkeep they require. Happily, with the right care, your shutters will last for many, many years. The particular care you give your shutters will depend on whether your shutters are made of wood or not.

Wood Shutters

In bedrooms and living spaces, nothing beats the beauty and timelessness of real wood shutters. To keep your investment looking beautiful, some care is needed.  The first thing to remember is that you should not use water to clean the shutters. This may cause the wood to swell and warp. Instead, dust weekly with a feather duster or vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Dust from top to bottom, tilting the slats up first, then down. For more thorough cleaning, apply wood polish to a soft cloth and dust gently. For crevices, a small amount of wood polish applied to an old toothbrush will do the trick.

Shutters Made of Other Materials

Many homeowners love the look of shutters in their kitchens and bathrooms, but these rooms have greater heat fluctuations and higher moisture content. Cooking creates an oily residue on kitchen surfaces, and personal care leads to airborne dust, hair, and hairspray in the bathroom. Because of this, homeowners should choose vinyl shutters in these rooms.

Shutters that are not made of wood can be vacuumed weekly with a brush attachment. Clean from top to bottom; tip the slats up and vacuum, then down and vacuum again. Once a month (or as needed), you can wipe them down with a solution of 1 teaspoon mild dish liquid to 1 gallon of hot water to remove oily or sticky residue. (Spray cleaners may seem convenient, but they may discolor the finish of the shutter, so they aren’t recommended.) To avoid spots, wipe the shutters dry with a clean cloth.

With proper care, your wood and vinyl interior shutters will last for many years. They really are a smart investment!

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