How to Choose an Area Rug Wilmington NC
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How to Choose an Area Rug

Are you a Wilmington NC resident looking for the perfect area rug to tie your decor look together?

The practicality, cushioning, comfort, and warmth of an area rug justify its investment. The challenge comes from trying to choose an area rug that works with the other practical, comforting, warm components of your home. An area rug should either add to an already beautiful room or set the tone for a new design.

how to choose an area rug wilmington nc


The room often dictates the appropriate size.

Your dining chairs should have all four legs on the rug when they’re pulled away from the table.

The front legs of all living room furniture should reach the rug; if the back legs can be on the rug, even better.

The majority of a bedroom rug will be under the bed but should show enough to have a presence in the room; runners along each side and at the foot of the bed can also do the trick.

Hallway rugs should have enough floor showing on all sides so it can be identified as a rug, not carpet.

Two different rugs in a larger room can create individual territories with their own environments, even if they serve the same purpose. Most area rugs come in standard sizes – 6′ x 9′, 8′ x 10′, 9′ x 12′, 10′ x 14′, and 12′ x 15′ – so if your rug isn’t custom-made, find what size is closest to your needs, and choose larger if you get caught in between two sizes.


Dining rooms usually need pattern because of the plainness of a large wooden table and chairs, and area rugs with patterns successfully hide food stains.

Bedroom rugs need to feel good on your bare feet while adding coziness to the room.

The living room requires balance. Avoid busying a room with an existing design, but make the rug the focal point if you are completely redecorating.

Balance also applies to hallways, depending on wallpaper or paint color or patterns. Bold patterns and colors on a small rug can visually enlarge an area, adding a splash of personality with toned volume.


Area rugs made of 100% wool tend to be the easiest to clean and maintain. Silk will meet its match against small children and pets but will add some lasting shimmer and elegance to spaces not traveled. Shag rugs soften the appearance of areas that may seem rigid or boxy. Earthier materials, such as sisal, jute, or grass, will likely need replacement once it begins to wear.

Layering a sturdier rug over an earthy weave can keep costs down and add subtle interest and relaxation to the environment.


Think about how easy it will be to clean your rug and whether it will require professional cleaning or if you can do it yourself. The busier the space, the dirtier the rug will get, so kids, pets, and the frequency of hosting guests must be considered.

Flat-weave and low-pile rugs hide wear and tear and are easier to vacuum and spot clean, although they do require a beating every six months. Shag and silk rugs require more attention, since dirt visibly nestles in and can be difficult to remove, so saving this texture for lower traffic areas is best.

Area rugs carry artistic value in room design. The area rug may or may not be the room’s main attraction, so keep in mind the size, style, and material to assure yourself of a rug that contributes to your home.

In Conclusion…

We here at Home Decor Solutions here in Wilmington NC love helping our customers find the perfect decor to make their house their home. If you want help choosing the right enhancements for your home, give us a call!

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