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How to Cover Big Windows Stylishly

how to cover big windows stylishly

Large windows open a room to the beauty it is protected from. Some large windows are sliding glass doors leading to balconies and patios, others are floor-to-ceiling panes offering views of natural or architectural landscapes in Wilmington, NC, while still others are set high into a wall to provide extra light for a large space in the house. Regardless of the purpose, there are some windows where a gigantic set of blinds just won’t cut it.

As with most windows, purpose and budget determine the type of window covering for large windows. The purpose of the window as well as of the potential window covering must be considered, whether it be functional, decorative, or both. The window treatment plan can affect the final cost – treating windows individually or as a group may or may not be more cost effective.

Options for Covering Larger Windows

Grouping multiple windows under one curtain rod, the main curtain rod can be thought of as an on-and-off switch. Each window can have its own set of lighter drapes to help manage light, like a dimmer switch. For high windows, motorized shades can be added to simplify use. Shades with a width slightly beyond that of the windows can be mounted above the top of the windows, creating a cleaner look.

Wall to wall sheers can soften the look of a room while still providing privacy. Sheers are generally less expensive and offer privacy while avoiding a bulky look when hung across a long window.

For large windows that open to eye-catching views, have the curtains stack on one side of the window. This will provide the most viewing space for the view while keeping a subtle, off-to-the-side reminder that you are in the comforts of your home. Using a rod with a cord is the most practical way of handling longer rods with curtains that stack on one side.

Decoration occasionally takes the top priority. In this case, try using smaller rods. A longer rod can dominate the look of a window, so when functionality is not necessarily a goal, shorter rods can keep the treatments in the limelight.

Sometimes a long wall of windows are part of the architectural design to accent a main, decorative window. When the main window is the star of the room’s structure, the supporting cast of windows can be dressed, but the main window should be left alone. If the windows don’t require privacy, painting the trim can do the trick.

Larger windows can seem tricky, but with a little bit of creativity and planning, they can add greatly to the comfort and interest of your home.

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