Hurricane Shutters and Panels: Be Prepared! Wilmington NC
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Hurricane Shutters and Panels: Be Prepared

Warning! Hurricane season is upon us.

Arthur, the first of this season’s hurricanes, struck the North Carolina coast with sustained winds of 100 mph. It is time to  batten down the hatches.” This expression originates as a nautical term from the early 19th century.

When a ship was headed for troubled waters, the crew would close and secure the hatches or doors on the ship’s deck. Today, metaphorically it means to prepare for a rough time ahead.

Since the Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th, it is time to prepare our homes and places of business for the “rough time ahead.”

North Carolina and three other southern states lead the nation in number of billion dollar weather related disasters. More important is the safety of our family and friends during these weather related disasters.

Be Prepared!

How can we be prepared to protect our homes and loved ones?  It is important to have a preparation check list according to CNN Wire Staff.

Here are a few recommendations on that list:

1. Download an application to your smartphone which will notify people where you are if you are safe or need help.

2. Use Hurricane Shutters or board up windows using 5/8″ plywood.

3. Bring outside items in if they can be picked up by the wind.

4. Reinforce the garage door.

5. Fill one car with gas.

6. Have an evacuation plan designed for the safety of your family including escape routes.

Some statistics show that the worst part of the Atlantic hurricane season appears from the last part of August through October, so now is the time to start preparing for the “rough times ahead.”

One important way to protect our home and family is to install hurricane or storm shutters. Colonial hurricane shutters are a Southern standard because they are easy to use, attractive, and add curb appeal to your home. Colonial hurricane shutters are two-piece louvered shutters that attach to the wall beside each window and fold together to protect the window.

Roll-up and Roll-down custom built hurricane shutters cost a bit more but are durable and the easiest to use. They attach above the window and can be lowered manually by a hand crank or automatically with the push of a button. Another added feature is they roll up and store in an enclosed box when not in use.

Removable storm panels are also another attractive option. Storm panels are easy to install, affordable and durable, made with aluminum or galvanized steel.

Storm ready shutters are available in many different styles, prices, and colors to fit your budget and home decor. It can be confusing to know what is the right one for you, so contact us here at Home Decor Solutions for a Free-IN-Home consultation to help you find what you need to keep your home and family safe. We can’t control weather related disasters, but we can be prepared to minimize the damage by installing hurricane shutters and panels. We are one click, one call away.

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