Hurricane Shutters Protect Home and Family Wilmington NC
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Hurricane Shutters Protect our Home and Family

In recent years, North Carolina and three other Southern states have led the nation in number of billion dollar weather related disasters. Fresh on the minds and hearts of many is the devastation caused by the recent hurricane, Irene. The damage to public and private property is great and the lives of many were disrupted. Being prepared before a disaster strikes can reduce some of the damage and help us to feel more secure.

Protecting our homes and families by installing hurricane or storm shutters is one way to be prepared. An article entitled “20 Essentials for Hurricane Novices” by Melissa Diaz states, “Above all make sure you have protection for your windows in your home. Hurricane shutters are your best bet.”

Storm ready shutters are available in many different price ranges as well as styles. For example, Atlantic Premium Shutter Company offers several designs that work well for any home or place of business. One of the more popular styles is the “Bahamas Storm System”, which is a design based on shutters characteristic of the Caribbean.

This shutter is easy to use and attaches in a way to provide shade when opened and is storm ready when lowered, secured by a camelback locking system.

Another shutter option from Atlantic is “The Classic Collection, available in several styles, such as Raised Panel, Faux Louver, and Board & Batten.” Strong aluminum bars are used to secure the shutters closed.

Atlantic Shutter also offers Removable Storm Panels. This item is easy to install, affordable, and durable, made with aluminum or galvanized steel.

We can’t control weather related disasters, but we can be prepared to minimize the damage by installing hurricane shutters or storm ready panels.

Doug Hoell, Director of Emergency Management comments, “We do not know when the next big storm will come, but we do know it will come. Are you Ready? Be Safe. Be Prepared.”

Storm ready shutters are affordable, decorative, and provide year round protection. Here at Home Decor Solutions we can help you find what you need to keep your home and loved ones safe. We are just one call, one click away!

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