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How to Keep Your Cat from Destroying Your Blinds


cat clawing blinds

From color schemes to furniture to window treatments, there’s so much planning, effort, and expense that goes into making your house a home. That’s why “animal vs. furniture” is painful to watch on YouTube, let alone in your own home. Here are a few tips that let your cat relieve stress, have fun, and find purpose — without destroying your blinds.

First, you need to figure out why your cats are destroying your blinds to begin with.

Why Is My Cat Destroying My Blinds?

There may be several contributing factors to why your cat is destroying the blinds or other window treatments.

Cats and the Outside World

Almost every cat loves to hunt for prey outside – even if they can’t get to it. You’ll often find them tracking birds and other small animals from the windowsill.  When they aren’t tracking prey, they’re curled up in the warm and sunny spot. Window treatments can suffer havoc from your cat simply because they are in the way.

Cats at Play

Playtime for cats is a chance to discover and explore. Bugs, fingers scratching against a surface, or a laser pointer aimed at the ground can keep your cat busy for hours. When the challenge of the hunt presents itself in the form of window treatment cords,  cats won’t stop until the challenge has been conquered.

Cats and Stress

Cats love to climb, stretch, and dig their claws into whatever they can. Scratching feels good to your cat because it releases extra energy and relaxes the shoulder muscles. Unfortunately, your cat doesn’t respect the fact that you want to keep your curtains and blinds in good repair. When kitty tries to climb, or if he needs to release a little stress, your curtains, blinds, or shades often take the heat.  

Cats and Blinds: Making it Work

If you have blinds at home, there are a few things you can do to survive life with Kitty. Raise your blinds a bit so that your cat can go under them and get to the window. If privacy is an issue, lower your blinds three-quarters of the way down, and hide the lowest part of the window with a curtain on a tension rod. Remember to wrap the blind cord around a cleat so it’s out of paws’ reach.

If you want your kitty to find your window treatments boring, make sure you provide lots of enriching activities for him or her in other parts of your home. Have on hand one or more tempting scratching posts, and install platforms and other towers so he or she can climb and jump freely. Use catnip to entice your cat to play where you want him to be.

Some have found success with other options to keep kitty away from problem areas:

  • cat deterrent spray (will need to be refreshed every day or so)
  • air blower with sensor (sprays a harmless puff of air when kitty comes close)
  • cat-safe sticky tape (most cats hate the sensation of stickiness on their paws)

Most importantly, give your kitty the playtime and attention he or she needs – this leaves your feline friend feeling happy and more mellow around your window treatments.
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