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How to Keep Your Dog from Destroying Your Blinds

dog eating blinds

An energetic dog’s lack of self-control will send him or her rampaging through your window treatments, which is no fun at all. What could be the cause of your dog’s determination to ruin your blinds, and how can you avoid the “Dog vs. Blinds” situation altogether? We have some ideas.

Outside Activity

Little do you realize that a tree squirrel is planning to burglarize your home, the parcel delivery man is a cold-blooded criminal, and your neighbor’s cat is about to swindle you out of your life savings. Fortunately for you, your dog is sharp as a tack. Dogs go on alert when something or someone is outside. Depending on your dog’s personality, “on alert” might be followed by “going nuts.” The last thing you need is for your blinds to be in the way.

New Teeth

Teething pains are not just for babies. If your puppy’s teeth are crowning, chewing brings relief. Chew toys are the best bet, but when those aren’t available, anything is fair game, from shoes to furniture. Your blinds (especially if they’re easily accessible) will be targeted.

Separation Anxiety

It could be lack of discipline or just too much stress, but some dogs start a home demolition as soon as you close the front door. You love and miss your dog when you’re gone. Your dog loves and misses you too; but he or she can’t reason on those feelings. When you leave, your pup can’t deal with his angst in a productive way.  So begins the chewing.

Protecting Your Blinds (and Your Dog)

Here are a few things you can do to keep your blinds in good shape around your furry friend.

  • Draw the blinds enough for your dog to see out, and make sure furniture is not near the window.
  • Pull your blinds up to keep them out of reach, especially blinds that cover back door glass.
  • Apply a pet-safe spray to your blind slats; it smells and tastes horrible to them but you won’t notice it.
  • Since your dog may be chewing because of stress, take him or her for a walk before leaving the house to burn off energy.
  • If necessary, crate training may be a good option while you are away.

Above all, give your dog consistent feedback so he or she knows what is and is not acceptable to you.

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