How a Custom Closet Helps Spring Cleaning Wilmington NC
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Kick Start Your Spring Cleaning with a Custom Closet!

Well, today is the first day of spring and that may mean different things to different people. Maybe you are boxing up your heavy winter clothing and bringing out the summer clothes. Others may be replacing the heavy flannel sheets on their bed with cooler, cotton sheets. Have you heard the term “Spring Cleaning”? Maybe that’s your task at hand.

This is the time of year when a lot of people are remodeling their home and trying to become a bit more organized.  This can be as simple as organizing clothes closets or a pantry area.
Whether you have an intricate walk-in closet or a smaller, reach-in space, closets can be customized in order to maximize any storage space.
Most people are not aware that closet systems can actually fit each person’s individual needs and tastes, and are even offered in a variety of colors and designs. Whether your preference is a solid, white flat panel system or a deep, cherry wood-tone with raised decorative panels, closet systems can be created to match any home décor.
There are many accessories available as well.  From jewelry trays and tie racks, to fold-out ironing boards and pull-out laundry hampers, the combination of accessories is endless.
Did you know, you can see your closet before you buy it?  The first step is to have a knowledgeable Consultant meet with you to determine your wants, needs, and budget. We then eliminate the guesswork by utilizing the latest technology in providing you with a 3-dimensional, computerized design, illustrating exactly what your closet will look like in advance. This gives you the opportunity to rearrange items, add accessories, or remove unwanted shelves, thus making your space as customized around your personal needs as possible.
Whether you need organizational assistance in your master bedroom, nursery, pantry, laundry room or garage, Home Décor Solutions can design and install exactly what you need and on any budget. Call today to schedule your Free In-Home Consultation!
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