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Is a Laminate Closet System Right for You?

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Do you open your closet and find clothes that don’t fit anymore, a small box of knotted jewelry, scarves hanging in random places, and other storage nightmares? If your closet could talk, it would give you a labored sigh, then tell you where everything is – knowing that its job is to hide the complicated parts of your life. Maybe your closet just needs reorganized. But chances are, your closet system could use an update. In an earlier article, we talked about wire systems, and we’ll have an upcoming article on wood systems. Today, we’re going going to discuss some advantages of going laminate.

Laminate Closets: Easy to Clean

Just a quick wipe down and the surface of your laminate closet system are clean. Scuff marks from tossing shoes or bags into their place are easy to wipe or rub off. Laminate is not just easy to clean, but it keeps your clothing and other possessions clean by protecting them from dust.

Laminate Closets: Durable Storage

Laminate is a layered material that is pressed or fused together. The end product has a strength similar to wood — but without wood’s high cost. Because laminate is dense, it is a little more durable against chips, scratches, and dents than wood shelving. You’ll notice with your laminate shelves that it takes a little more force to cause deep or highly visible damage. Laminate also resists moisture, making it usable in more humid areas in your home.

Laminate Closets Offer Flexible Design

Laminate closets are easily customized. These closet systems offer multiple colors and finish options. It’s easier (and therefore less expensive) to install a laminate system than a wood system.  Though wire systems are easier to install than laminate, making adjustments to a laminate system is a snap.  As your family grows and life changes, a laminate system’s movable shelves and rods mean your closets will always meet your needs.

Have more questions about your closet system? Want to open your closet doors and know you’ve entered your favorite room in the house? We want to help you create the perfect closet space in your home. Give us a call — we can help you determine if a laminate closet system is just what you need.

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