Les Persiennes, Or Venetian Blinds Wilmington NC
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Les Persiennes or Venetian Blinds

One of the largest window treatment orders ever placed was for the Empire State Building in New York City. The window treatment chosen was Les Persiennes, the French name for the Venetian Blind.

Some say the Venetian blind was brought to France by Venetian slaves for their comfort and commerce. Venetian blinds are often used in commercial and institutional markets, but in recent years have grown in popularity in home design because they are durable, affordable and easy to operate.

Venetian blinds are slats made of plastic, metal or wood. They are held together by strips of cloth or tapes and are designed to rotate 180 degrees to allow for privacy and light control. Lift cords on either side help to raise and lower the blind with ease.

This versatile window treatment can be custom designed for nearly every size and shape window and ordered with safety control features such as cordless, breakaway tassels, and cord cleats, which are recommended when children are in the home.

The Venetian blind is a fashionable choice for any room, blending well with various decors and available in a great variety of colors.

Lafayette offers aluminum blinds in over 40 different colors with five levels of opacity for privacy and light control. The durability of this blind is well known,”spring tempered aluminum slats bounce right back to even the toughest treatment, making them perfect for every room”

Graber window treatments has a Venetian blind featuring an anti-static finish which makes them easy to clean and maintain. Graber also offers Designer Vinyl Blinds that have thicker PVC slats contributing to privacy and energy efficiency.

Venetian blinds can be a neutral backdrop for sheer curtains, a colorful valance, or drapes in a bold and bright pattern.

From the windows of the Empire State Building to our homes, Venetian blinds are the choice of many. Our expert staff here at Home Decor Solutions will help you find just the right color and style of Venetian blinds for your home. We are one call, one click away.

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