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How To Make Your Home More Hygge

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Life has its ups and downs, but most of us see some appeal in having a happier life. That’s why there has been so much attention lately for the Danish term “hygge” (hold up – that’s pronounced “Hoo-ga”). There has been so much buzz about it, in fact, that it was a finalist for Oxford Dictionary’s 2016 Word of the Year.

Hygge matters a great deal to many of us in the winter months, when the nights are cold and the days are short. Some of us deal with the winter blues, and find that could use more joy, more friendship, more good times in these chilly winter months. That’s where hygge can help.

Hygge, Described

So … what is hygge? Well, it’s not so easy to define; hygge is a term that must be described, felt, experienced. Hygge is the feeling you get when you connect with an old friend. It’s a warm fire under a soft, handmade blanket. It isn’t about what you have – it’s how you feel about what you have. The concept is sentimental, simple, happy. Hygge is bringing what gives you comfort and happiness right into your life – and letting it sit in a cozy chair.

How Can You Be Hygge at Home?

As you take a mental tour around your home, no doubt you can immediately think of areas or items that make you feel exactly the opposite of hygge: that shiny vegan leather side chair that sticks to your legs when you stand up; the linoleum floor in your bathroom that you’ve hated for years; the faded blue mini-blinds in your bedroom that make you look the other way. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the things at home that bring you down. It’s time to make your home cozier, happier, more relaxing.

5 Great Ways to Be More Hygge at Home:

  1. Make your feet happy. When you move about your home, are your feet comfortable and warm? Nothing is cozier than a warm, soft pair of socks on a chilly winter afternoon. Or consider another (more permanent) solution: a thick, fluffy rug for your living space. Dig your toes in and enjoy.
  2. Take time to read a book. Our lives are so full of electronics and phone alerts; wouldn’t it be nice to let it all slip away for a bit? So, pour a latte in your favorite mug and find a cozy spot. As your fingers turn the smooth pages, let the words take you to another place. Have another sip; turn another page. No rush, no deadlines; just you and a great book. That’s hygge.
  3. Make a meal from scratch. Whether or not you consider yourself a good cook, part of hygge is enjoying simple comforts. So take a little time and find a recipe: an old favorite or something new, it doesn’t matter. Savor the sights, smells, textures and sounds of the creative process in your kitchen. See? Maybe you’re a good cook after all.
  4. Share with friends. You don’t need to be extravagant to experience the joy of giving. Hygge means sharing laughter, stories, games with people that make you smile. Skip social media –  give your friends a call on the phone and invite them over for an evening at your place.
  5. Let the light in. Whether it’s the warm glow of candlelight in the evening hours, or cheery sunlight in the morning; light brightens our mood, creates a warm atmosphere at home, and yes –  is very hygge. So take note of how you feel in your space … does it feel a bit glum? Let a little light in.

Even Windows Can Be Hygge

Window coverings can make such a difference in the way we feel in our homes. Whether you love flowing sheers from ceiling to floor, eco-friendly bamboo shades in earthy tones, or roller blinds in a bright pop of color, your window treatments should be a reflection of you. Choosing window treatments that really suit you can go a long way in making your home more hygge.

If you feel the need to update your home’s sense of style, we hope you’ll take advantage of this great deal, now through the end of February. You can cover all the windows in your home for one inclusive price, regardless of size. (This includes an in-home consultation and window measurement!) You can even upgrade to cordless at no charge. Are you ready for a change? Then call us today to schedule your appointment.

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