Maximize Your Space With a Home Office Wilmington NC
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Maximize Your Space With a Custom Designed Home Office

In today’s world a home office is more of a necessity than in times past. This is because there are more than 18 million home based businesses in this country. And in the year 2009, 24% of people who were employed outside the home did 80% of their work at home.
Having an office space in the home is also important for such things as homework, paying bills, and keeping family activities organized. If you have a limited space set aside for your home office or an entire room, a custom designed home office is a smart and practical choice.
In considering a custom designed home office, consider what is important to you or your family. A comfortable space for sitting and having easy access to any necessary equipment is important.
One tip suggested by HGTV regarding the home office is to, “have a clear work area and adequate space for such items as a computer, printer, and phone. Such items as reference materials, office supplies, and storage space need to be taken into consideration.” Some have included in their home office design wall mounted or floor to ceiling shelves to organize professional books, reference books, display objects of art and favorite photographs. “Hidden Shelves” make for a cleaner, neater look and can provide some security for important documents.
The design of your home office can be as individual as your family. A custom designed home office that is multifuncional allows all in the family to benefit.
Companies like ClosetMaid offer inspirational and practical designs that integrate well with your existing decor.
If you are designing a home office for yourself or the entire family it is helpful to consult a professional to maximize your home office space. Contact us here at Home Decor Solutions for a Free-In-Home consultation to help you find the perfect home office solution. We are one call, one click away.
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