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How Motorized Blinds May Keep Your Child Safe

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A newborn baby is a precious thing. But as we all know, as a child grows, their curiosity grows with them. This helps them learn  – but it also can place them in dangerous situations. As parents and caregivers, our perspective changes dramatically: stairwells, wall outlets, and the corners of low-height furniture are now danger zones. Refrigerator magnets and other small items that were never given a second thought become choking hazards and are kept well out of reach. Corded window blinds are also on the list of possible dangers since they pose a risk to young children. On the other hand, cordless, motorized blinds can keep them safe.

Cord Dangers

The danger of strangulation can happen in several different ways. Children may:

• Place their heads through a dangling cord loop
• Wrap a single long pull cord around their neck
• Pull out and play with the inner cords of the window blind.

While some preventive measures limit cord dangers, they do not eliminate them:

• Keep cords and chains far out of reach
• Move climbable furniture away from windows
• Never allow a child to play near the windows.

Motorized Blinds: A Safer Alternative

Motorized blinds eliminate cords altogether, making your home safer for your child. They are often chosen for their neat appearance and ease of use. While these benefits are great in themselves, the greatest benefit for parents is the peace of mind they can bring.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) released some research stating that a child dies almost each month (184 in 16 years) from window treatment cord strangulation. Most cord strangulation deaths are infant deaths. The deaths of toddlers and children up to six years old have also been reported.

Outside the Home

Homes are not the only place that these dangers may exist; it is equally important to make sure your children’s day care and/or preschool does not have corded window treatments.

October has been deemed National Window Covering Safety Month to “heighten public awareness of window cord dangers.” One child fatality is one too many. Make your home safer by installing motorized blinds.

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