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Vacationing Soon? Make Your Home More Secure with Motorized Blinds

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Remember when we used to leave our porch or kitchen lights on while we were on our summer retreats? Homes tend to be safer when people are inside, so we wanted it to look like we never left. Those ideas didn’t always have the greatest success though; after all, who stays in the kitchen all the time for two straight weeks? The good news is, motorized blinds can make your home a bit more secure while you’re on vacation.

How Motorized Blinds Make Your Home More Secure

Operate your motorized blinds with a timer. You can program your blinds to open and close at preselected times. What time are you usually home? Set your blinds to open just a bit during those hours and adjust themselves every so often. What time do you usually leave the house? Set your blinds to close at those times. During the day while you’re away, set your blinds to adjust themselves a bit so it looks like someone is still there. If you do that even when you’re not on vacation, your home will be even more secure.

Motorized Blinds Can Protect Your Furnishings

Motorized blinds can also operate with a light or heat sensor. Your blinds can automatically open and close when the sun is strong or the weather is hot. The strength of the sunlight can damage fabrics, furniture, and pictures, so a light sensor protects your home in more ways than just security. A heat sensor adjusts the blinds at a temperature that you choose. This can save you on energy costs when you’re not home during the day.

You can even program and operate your motorized blinds from your smartphone or tablet. If you open, close, raise and lower your blinds from your smartphone, it will look like someone is home. What better way to make it look like a person is using your blinds than you actually using your blinds? Combining this option with timers is even better since you won’t have to wake up every day on vacation and adjust your blinds to make it look like someone is at home.

Motorized Blinds Protect Pets

Motorized blinds can be cordless, so they create a safer environment for pets that stay at home while you’re away. You can also program your blinds to lower 80-90% of the way so that your pet has space to peek through when it wants to look out the window.

Home automation is trending quickly in homes across America, and the Wilmington area is no exception. Whether you live in Leland, Southport, Wrightsville Beach, or Kure Beach, installing motorized blinds can give your home a bit of extra security, and who wouldn’t want that? Talk to us at Home Décor Solutions and see how we can give you a little more peace of mind with motorized blinds.


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