Nature Friendly Window Treatments Wilmington NC
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woven wood shades

Nature Friendly Window Treatments

Even though many have experienced economic insecurities these past few years, houses here in Wilmington, N.C. and across the country continue to be built, bought, and sold.  According to an article that appeared on WWAY channel 3 website written by Jayne Dees, “It looks like Wilmington’s housing market is on the rebound. The Port City is ranked among the best markets in the country over the next five years.” The website “Business Insider” ranks Wilmington number 13 on the list and is expecting growth over the years. Statistics show that many buyers today are looking for smaller, modest homes with spacious and modern floor plans. Homes with rooms that serve a multitude of purposes, walk in closets, and well designed laundry rooms are defining the new home sweet home. The homeowner of today is interested in quality workmanship and products that are designed to save money and give their home that personal touch.

The goal of saving money and being environmentally active is the reason many are interested in having a “green home,” or one that is built with the latest in energy efficient products.  Homes that are built with added insulation, better windows, and energy saving appliances have great appeal. With the increase of pollution and dwindling natural resources, many home-buyers agree going green is the right thing to do. In addition, many also see the wisdom in selecting window treatments that are both nature friendly and provide energy saving options for the home. Window coverings through the years have made great improvements in using green materials that are practical and fashionable. Andrew Norris and Associates, authorities on in interior window treatment designs, choose Natural Woven Shades as one of the 10 window treatments trends for 2015 stating, “there is a return to organic and rustic appearances. Natural woven Shades as well as bamboo and matchstick blinds are gaining popularity for their natural design and their Eco-friendly and sustainable designs.”

Bamboo shades, also known as Woven Wood shades and Matchstick shades, offer a natural look that is a “natural” choice for homeowners. These shades use such natural materials as bamboo, wood reeds, and grasses. They can be designed with a blackout liner or a privacy liner for added protection and energy savings. These shades are carefully woven to let in just the right amount of light, creating a cozy and comfortable room. Provenance is a Woven Wood shade collection by Hunter Douglas that gives the environmentally concerned homeowner 77 material and color options that are designed to create a cozy and comfortable room. Duette Honeycomb and Architella Honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas are specially designed to provide a high level of energy efficiency and help the homeowner to personalize the home with 442 material and color options.

To make your house into Home Sweet Home, contact us at Home Decor Solutions here in Wilmington, N.C. for a Free-In-Home consultation. “We are one click, one call away.”

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