No More Sleepless Nights, Wilmington, NC
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No More Sleepless Nights

blackout shades

After a long day off work in Wilmington, NC, a tired body should slip into sleep without issue, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Depending on where a person lives, sometimes the issue is light pollution. Light inhibits the body’s production of melatonin, keeping us awake during the day and asleep at night. Eight hours of sleep a night is the goal, one that is perfectly achievable with a properly darkened bedroom.

Blackout Shades

A street lamp right outside a bedroom window or a car turning into a driveway likely uses LED lights, emitting the havoc-wreaking blue light that prevents sleep. A neighbor’s garage may be open with the lights on. The digital alarm clock may be blaring the time with unnecessary brightness. Advertisements use more and more light to attract attention. Opaque curtains or blackout shades can block light from outside, whereas sheers and laces will provide privacy but not keep out the light.


Daytime decor must meet the requirements of being visually pleasing, but at night, it should not prevent the room from being adequately dark. Previous home decor styles leaned towards full, heavy curtains, but more recent times show a trend towards lighter fabrics that light can ultimately penetrate with ease. Paint and wallpaper choices tend to be brighter, which do not sufficiently deaden light that may enter the room. Bedrooms of modern houses have bigger windows, which require more effort and expense to cover. Although cost is an issue, the decor of rooms where people sleep should be dark enough at night to ensure proper rest.

Sheets, Mattresses, and Room Temperature

Sleep specialists recommend a room temperature between 65-72 degrees, or with just enough chill that a blanket is needed. Using sheets that are breathable are important since body temperature will rise in cooler air. If the sheets do not breathe properly, the heat will be trapped, causing the body to overheat and disrupt sleep. The same is true with pillowcases. Memory foam mattresses can be incredibly comfortable to fall asleep on, but if body heat has no escape, sleep will be interrupted within a matter of hours. Cold tends to cause drowsiness, and when the body temperature drops, sleep becomes easier. Using sheets, mattresses, and pillowcases that allow heat to escape will encourage the body to stay dormant.

Temporary adjustments can be made while a solid long-term plan for decor is devised. Setting the air conditioner to come on during the night for a couple of hours or using a fan can keep the temperature down. Instructions can be found online to manufacture temporary blackout covers for windows. LED light from mobile devices and televisions also disrupt sleep, so turning off anything with a screen an hour or so before going to bed can help. If changes to decor are necessary, be sure to invest properly in your sleep so that you can wake up happy and rested in the place you love calling home.

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