Passementerie: Decorative Trimmings Wilmington NC
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Passementerie: Decorative Trimmings Elements of Style

Window treatments such as draperies, curtains, and shades increase in value and are more attractive when decorative details are added.

Decorative trimming, or passementerie, such as braid, fringe, baubles, gimp, and tassels are the details that can accentuate the beauty of the window treatment and the room. Passementerie is French for a decorative textile edging or ornamental trim for a garment.

There is a wide variety of trimmings to choose from that are made from natural and synthetic materials. Decorative trimmings made of natural materials such as silk, wool, or cotton are usually of high quality and beautifully constructed. When adding decorative detail consider whether the window treatment and the trimmings work well together.

This is an occasion where the general rule of “less is more” can be applied. Decorative trimmings should contrast with and complement the window treatment, defining its lines.

On a striped Roman shade a bobble fringe dyed in the same color as the stripe adds interest when the shade is raised. When deciding to add a decorative trim or passementerie to your drape or shade a sense of proportion is very important. Will the decorative trimming be too small or will it overwhelm the window treatment?

For example, when adding fringe to drapery, make sure to match the length of the fringe to the overall design of the drapery.

Also important to consider is the weight of the drape or shade you are adding the trim to, it must not be too heavy or light. It must work well with the overall weight of the window treatment. Each detail you choose should be applied with careful attention and thought so that the effect of the trimming will not detract from your decor.

Decorative trims are innovative, one-of-a kind designs that allow you to personalize your window treatments and your home. Here at Home Decor solutions we will help you experience all the options available with a Free Consultation. We are one click, one call away.

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