Plantation Shutters Are Perfect for You Wilmington NC
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Plantation Shutters: The Perfect Window Treatment

Plantation shutters were thought to originate in ancient Greece. Made out of marble they were useful in providing protection from the elements and uninvited guests.

In time, plantation shutters were commonly used throughout Europe, made of wood, they were also used to control ventilation, to keep out the heat and provided a measure of protection.

The plantation shutters that are common today came when America was colonized by the Spanish. Wealthy plantation owners often built their large homes using Spanish architecture, which included shutters often painted white. Plantation shutters were therefore associated with the large expensive homes of the cotton and sugar plantations in the South.

Plantation shutters of today are still considered a design statement, a feature that will set your home apart from the rest. These shutters can be made from solid wood, PVC, a blend of hardwoods, or combination of wood and polymer material. Plantation shutters may cost a bit more but are worth every dollar.

Why They are Worth It:

1. Plantation shutters can add additional value to your home. The type of shutter can determine a higher appraisal value. A shutter that is custom finished and of high quality can be very desirable for both the seller and the buyer.

2. Plantation shutters can keep your home comfortable all year long. Shutters made of wood have natural insulating qualities keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Heritage hardwood shutters by Hunter Douglas are available in over 100 shades of color and 33 different stains and also provide 99% UV protection when the louvers are closed. When you make your home more energy efficient you save money on utility bills.

3. Plantation shutters can be made from solid wood, PVC, a blend of hardwoods, or a combination of wood and polymer material. They can be purchased standard or made to order with custom paints and stains to compliment any style of home decor.

The perfect window treatment, durable, practical, easy to clean, and ascetically pleasing, shutters are the perfect choice for any home.

Since shutters cost a bit more than other window treatments, it is important that plantation shutters are measured and installed by a reputable window treatment company for a perfectly professional fit. The staff here at Home Decor Solutions is ready to help you make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Contact us for a Free-In-Home consultation. We are one click, one call away.

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