Popular Home Trends for 2011 Wilmington NC
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Popular Trends in Home Décor 2011

Another New Year is here and for some it means a time of new beginnings. The saying comes to mind, out with the old and in with the new. Some of those new things may have to do with our home environment. It’s a good time to start thinking about that living room or bedroom makeover, installing decorative window treatments that are also energy efficient and adding bold and dramatic accessories that will update any room. So what are some of the popular styles and colors for 2011 in home fashion décor and design?

“Greens and browns are a classic combo that’s popular right now says Designer Nancy Satterberg and especially for the bedroom because of the feeling of warmth. You want to feel cozy in your bedroom.”

The Color Marketing Group (CMG) research team, made up of designers from all over the world, meets every year to predict the most popular colors for each year. Their predictions for 2011 include such colors as pink, brown, and purple tones. Neutral colors such as beige and cream continue to be popular with gray being one of thehottest trends for 2011. From silver metallic gray to bold, dark charcoal gray this color is versatile and combines well with nearly any color. Gray with pink, orange and purple are some of the color combinations designers will choose this year. Pair muted beige or light gray walls with creamy white shades to create a classic and elegant atmosphere, giving the room a spacious feel. Dark neutrals are popular such as deep purples and reddish-browns combining well with window treatments in soft silk, jacquard, or cashmere. Soft natural sheers are affordable and practical window treatments that add a soft texture to any room generating just the right light to set the mood. Fabric with stripes and polka dots in primary colors are also a fashion trend for 2011. These bold designs when used on drapes and other accessories such as pillows and rugs add a dramatic effect and make a room uniquely yours. Adding tassels, bows, and ribbon trim to drapes make them both fun and functional.

Someone once said, a New Year is like a blossom unfolding with petals curled up tightly concealing the beauty within. To help you enhance the beauty within your home and to get acquainted with what are the latest trends for 2011, contact Home Décor Solutions Inc. here in Wilmington, NC.

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