Window Treatments for the Kitchen Wilmington NC
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Practical and Fashionable Window Treatments for the Kitchen

Over the years the whole concept of the kitchen has changed from being simply the place where food is prepared to the place where families gather at the end of a long day of activity. It is now the place where people often entertain, using this space as a living room as well as a dining room. What type of kitchen window treatment works well that is both practical and fashionable?

There are several things to consider before deciding on what kitchen window treatment to choose. It is good to consider how busy a place the kitchen is and to keep in mind that hygiene is important because the kitchen is primarily for the preparation of food. When choosing a window treatment for the kitchen, remember it can get dirty and greasy. Therefore it is important to choose a window treatment that can be easily cleaned. Also when selecting window treatments that are near the stove or sink, it is best to select window coverings that are fire and water resistant,

Better Homes and Garden makes this statement, “In a room as functional as a kitchen which is packed with metal appliances and wood cabinets window treatments might be the only source of softness and embellishment in the entire place, so when thinking about window treatments think about decorative eye-catching hues and design.” A style that often works best in the kitchen area is one that is simple and relatively clean in design. Cafe curtains, for example, are an ideal choice with nearly endless color and design options, creating both light and privacy. Shades and blinds are neat, sleek, and are a popular choice for the window above the sink. Lafayette window coverings offer the Genesis Window Shade, a durable and affordable shade with over 250 color fabrics to choose from.  Choose a roller or flat roman shade in the color Nutmeg, pattern Roc-Ion for a current and up-to-date look. Shades and blinds with simple clean lines look both attractive and welcoming. An alternate choice for the kitchen would be venetian blinds in wood, metal, or vinyl, because they can be easily wiped clean. Graber wood blinds, for example, are made from Authentic Hardwood such as walnut, cherry, and maple. They also offer a rich assortment of stains and paints to choose from along with custom color designs for a one of a kind decor. Draperies can modernize a living/dining room combination creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Full length drapes  can also be combined with roller shades to provide added privacy and personality to this area.

Choosing the right style of window treatment for the kitchen area can be challenging.  Contact us here at Home Decor Solutions and set an appointment for a Free In-Home consultation to see the many design options available.

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