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Retractable Awnings to Beat Your Winter Blues


retractable awnings

A warm sweater, hot chocolate, and a crackling fire are great ways to stave off the winter blues. Since life doesn’t let us stay by the fire all day, we use radiators and space heaters to keep the home comfortable. That gets expensive, especially in a winter like this year’s. That’s where retractable awnings come into play.

Let Light in When You Want It

We usually think of awnings as summer sun protection, keeping out the excess heat and protecting our home from harmful sun radiation. When you pull back a retractable awning during the winter, you can beat the chill by letting that natural sunlight into your home. Pulling awnings back will keep your heating system from having to work so hard – and will keep your energy bills down. Though UV radiation may be a concern for some, remember there is less radiation in the winter than in the summer.

Protectors That Need Protection

You might have thought about a stationary awning for your home, but with the changing seasons and temperatures, retractable is the way to go. Wilmington weather dumps nearly five feet of rain every year, and the average temperature is over 80 degrees for five months of the year. Yes, there will be times when those awnings need to be out!

During the winter months, though, your awnings need protection from sleet, hail, freezing rain, and snow. Drawing in the awning during the winter will help keep them dry and clean, preventing mildew. The weight of snow and the freezing temperatures can damage the fabric as well.

Give Your Home a Happier Look

Not to be forgotten is that awnings give your home style. Retractable awnings have endless options of pattern and style that make your home look good. If you decide to paint the house a different color, switching out fabrics is easier than removing and installing a new stationary awning. If you ever need to move, awnings bump up the resale value of your house, which will give you a happier look too. When the weather is nice (and it often is here in Wilmington!) there aren’t many happier settings than sitting outside with friends and drinks under the shade of an awning.

Retractable awnings are beautiful and useful year-round accessories for your home. They expand your home to the outdoors when you want (and when the weather cooperates) but can be pulled in to keep that look in top shape. Whether its weather protection or just cheering up the look, retractable awnings can make your house feel even more like home, inside and out.


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