Roller Shades "A Timeless Favorite" Wilmington NC
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Roller Shades A “Timeless Favorite”

Roller shades made their debut in the US around the 1800’s in New York City. These early roller blinds were made from Holland linens. The linen had to be bleached, dyed, starched, and dried, then pounded with wood bars taking 10 days of production.

Roller blinds have come along way since those early years with today’s endless variety of fabric, textures, and colors to choose from. A timeless favorite – they continue to be an affordable and fashionable choice for every room of your home.

How to Choose Your Perfect Roller Shade Match

A roller shade is defined as a straight piece of vinyl or fabric attached to a roller that raises or lowers by a spring mechanism or a continuous loop system.

Roller shades have been described as sleek and modern, fitting into any style of decor. When made of durable easy care materials they are a smart choice for a child’s room, the kitchen or bath.

Roller shades can be desired with various light filtering options that also provide UV protection, such as sheer, semi sheer, opaque and blackout. Blackout fabric blocks the light which can be used successfully in media rooms, nurseries, bedrooms, or rooms that face the sun. The choice of fabric for a roller shade needs some careful consideration. Plain, striped, or plaid fabrics are more effective than those with abstract or floral designs.

Roller shades are the perfect window treatment to dress up by adding a valance or a colorful border that compliments the other accessories in the room. Combining roller shades with drapes or shutters can add interest to the room while providing security and privacy.

Levolor offers “the Designer Textures light filtering fabric featuring designer colors such as Candlelight, Espresso, and Graphite with a soft texture feel.” They also offer organic roller shades usingĀ  woven and natural textures, “fabric textures inspired by nature.”

Roller shades also have several control options such as a corded clutch system that lets you set the shade at a desired position for light control, cordless for child safety in the home, and remote control for ease and convenience.

Today, in terms of fiber, finish, weight, color, and design, the choice of roller shades is endless. Contact us here at Home Decor Solutions for a Free-In-Home consultation by one of our window treatment professionals to help you find your favorite window treatment. We are one click, one call away.

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